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This web site is dedicated to the Glens Falls GREENJACKETS semi-pro football team, of the Empire Football League. This site was originated on February 27th,1998, in an effort to promote and further the growth of the team. It contains......player about the upcoming all-star reports (during the season)...national rankings...coaches announcements...times and dates of team meetings...Hall of Fame Inductees...Team and League Awards... and any other pertinent information.

The Greenjackets hosted the EFL All-Star Game, in 1999. It was a great game. The south prevailed, but it was a great victory, for the EFL, as a league.

The Jackets will again be hosting the All-Star Game in 2000. The 2000 All-Star Game is going to be different from last years version. The EFL All-Stars will be taking on the FASCO All-Star Team, as we did back in '97, and '98. The game is scheduled for June 3rd, at 7:30 pm.

The Glens Falls Greenjackets Football Team is proud to announce that...... Charles Adams is the new President of our Board of Directors, and that Bill Callahan is our new General Manager, and Chief Operating Officer. Mike Lentz has left the Coaching ranks, but is moving into the position of Chairman of the Board.

The new Head Coach is Jon Gifford, a long time veteran. Coach Gifford appointed Jeff Aurillia to the position of Offensive Coordinator, and Joe Buonviaggio as Defensive Coordinator. Jason Collier and Jon Michael have been named as Assistant Coaches.

Charles Adams is also the owner of TV-8, a Glens Falls television station. Bill Callahan was the TV Commentator for TV-8, for all Greenjackets game broadcasts. They are the perfect people to carry on the winning tradition, that this team has on the field, as well as in the community.

We wish them good luck in the coming season, and in the preparation for that season.

If you're in Glens Falls this summer, check out high caliber semi-pro football.



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  • We are practicing at Murray Street Field, on Mondays and Wednesdays

  • at 6:30pm, and on Saturdays at 1:00pm. If you plan on playing this

  • year, you better make arrangements to start coming to practice. We will

  • be handing out helmets soon, and shoulder pads soon there after. We

  • will begin full scrimmage practices as soon as we are suited up fully.

  • That is when we determine who are starters will be, and who will be

  • their backups. We are looking at a very promising year, and if you

  • would like to be a part of it, get to practice soon. We have a

  • great bunch of rookies, and we are not waiting for any certain

  • veterans to reappear. We have willing and able bodies ready to

  • fill in the voids. Again, if you want to play.... be there.


  • " A STAR can win any game..... a TEAM can win every game "

  • " The will to win, is only exceeded by the will to train to win "

  • " You don't win with exceptional plays, you win by not making mistakes "

  • " You'll always miss 100% of the shots, you don't take "

  • " Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it "

  • " Obstacles are those frightful things you see,
  • when you take your mind off your goals "

  • " Win without boasting.... lose without excuses "


  • _______DATE_______FEILD______OPPOSITION___________

  • .....June 3RD.......FASCO All-Stars vs. EFL All-Stars, @ East Field, G.F.
  • .....June the Glove City Colonials
  • .....July 8th......T.B.A. (non-league home game)
  • .....July Capitaland Thunder
  • .....July 22nd.......home vs. the Lake City Stars
  • .....July 29th.......home vs. the Montreal Condors
  • .....August the Watertown Red and Black
  • .....August the Lake City Stars
  • .....August 19th.....home vs. the Capitaland Thunder
  • .....August the Syracuse Vipers
  • .....September 2nd.....BYE
  • .....September the Montreal Condors
  • .....September 16th..home vs. the Syracuse Vipers
  • .....September 23rd..home vs. the Watertown Red and Black

  • .....September 30th..DIVISIONAL PLAYOFFS



  • **************************************************************

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