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Genghis Khan's Life Story

In the year 1162, Temujin was born to Yesugei the Brave . In 1171, Temujinís father was poisoned to death by Merkit warriors (close rival tribe). Four years later, in 1175, Temujin got engaged to a young woman named Bortei. In 1177, Temujin and his brother killed their half brother for spying for the Tanguts, a close tribe. A bad thing happened in 1179. Temujin was captured by the Tanguts. He escaped two days before his execution for killing their spy, his half brother. When he got back to his tribe, he married Bortei. In 1180, the Merkit tribe raided Temujinís camp. In the raid, he had to leave Bortei. Two months later, he went on trip to save Bortei and he did. In the three years following (1181-1183), Temujin did many brave things, he organized strong armies, and fought many winning battles and was named Genghis Khan which means Invincible Ruler. In the same time , Genghis decided that he wanted to move westward to beat the three main empires that made up China. Xi Xia, Qin, and the Na-Chung. In 1201, Genghis beat Jamugaís army which was only about 50 men and half of Xi Xiaís army. Two years later (1203), Genghis Khan defeated Togrulís army, the other half of Xi Xiaís army. A year later (1204), Genghis Khan was on his way to the Qin Empire when he was headed off by the Naimans, a small tribe of mercenaries, defending the Qin Empire. Genghis and his army beat them easily. In 1206, Genghis Khan was named Khan of Khans (ruler of rulers) of China. In 1209, The Empire of Xi Xia reformed, not as strong as it was, making it easy for Genghis to conquer it easily (again). To begin wars with the Qin Empire, Genghis had to break through the Great Wall of China. It took him two months, but he did it. In 1215, Genghis Khan beat the capitol of the Qin Empire, Beijing, by destroying the capitol building. Two years later (1217), Genghis took over the Qin Empire. take their place. Genghis then ruled the Qin Empire. Later that year, Muhammad, ruler of Khwarazmain, broke a treaty with Genghis Khan by killing a Mongol ambassador. Genghis killed Muhammad two days later. In the year 1218, Genghis and his hoards rode to the Empire of Na-Chung, looking to take it over. They fought for four years and finally beat it. In 1226, Genghis was riding to a battle to stop the remaining tribes of the Qin Empire and the Na-Chung from uniting to form a rebellion. He was successful but on his way home, he fell off his horse and was severely injured. On August 21, 1227, Genghis Khan died.