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On-Line Profiles of the biggest stars in the GWF/WGW from 2087-2091!


With a record of 38-5,he is far and away the most successful wrestler in the GWF from '87-'91...The son of the legendary Omega won the inaugural Star Wars tournament in June '87,defeating fellow F.D.F. member Massif...Won first Galaxian title one year later,defeating Invincible Krakan...Went on to hold the belt for the rest of '88,winning Wrestler of the Year award...His title reign was ended by Wolf at Clash XI in April '89...Regained the Galaxian belt at Clash XIV in February '90,defeating arch-rival & former partner Thantos...Thantos would regain the belt in a Cosmic Cage Match in September '90...Teamed with Wolf,Spike,Galactic Punisher,& Justice to form the Defenders of the Galaxy team during WarGames '91...Defeated Thantos at New Year's Evil in January '91 to become inaugural WarGames singles champ...Would go on to hold the belt for the rest of the year,leading the Defenders to the WarGames championship at year's end while compiling 19 points to lead all WarGames competitors,and winning his 2nd Wrestler of the Year award with a record of 13-1.


Love him or hate him,one thing is clear-nobody has won more belts from '87-'91 than the evil game-master...His resume includes 3 Galaxian titles,2 Heavy Metal titles,and a Tag Team title,making him the only GWF star to accomplish this feat...Began '87 as Galaxian champ & held the belt until September '87,when he was defeated by Massif at Clash IV...Named Wrestler of the Year for '87...Became inaugural Heavy Metal champion at Galacticade II,in March '88,defeating Wolf in a Cosmic Cage Match...Held the Heavy Metal title for an amazing 15 months before losing it to Battering Ram at Star Wars '89...Regained the belt in September,but lost it to Wolf at Winter Warfare in December,'89...Regained the Galaxian title one month later,defeating Galactic Punisher at New Year's Evil '90...Was defeated by arch-rival Star Warrior at Clash XIV in February,'90,however...Teamed with fellow Royal Court member Bishop Hell to take the Tag Team titles from TitanPower at Clash XV in April '90...Lost the belts one month later to the Animal Pack...Became first man to win Galaxian title 3 times by defeating Star Warrior in a cage match at Rage in the Cage,September,'90...Would go on to hold the belt the rest of the year...Vacated title to enter WarGames '91...Formed an unlikely union with former recruits the Gladiators,and Krakan to form the Unholy Alliance...Was defeated by Star Warrior at New Year's Evil in a match where the winner became WarGames singles champ...The Unholy Alliance proved to be a disappointment,as they finished a distant second to the Defenders of the Galaxy in the final standings,as Thantos suffered through the worst year of his career,finishing with a record of 3-5,and accumulating only 2 WarGames points.


Arguably the most popular wrestler in the GWF,(and this promoter's favorite character)Wolf is loved for his devil-may-care actions in & out of the ring...Suffered through an awful '87,finishing with an 0-5 record...Rebounded to finish 4-4 in '88,but his temper & recklessness continued to cost him matches...Wolf more often than not beat himself by being DQ'd in the majority of his matches...The turning point of the ex-Gladiator's career came at the end of 2088,when the lifelong loner shocked the galaxy by accepting an offer to join Battering Ram,Incredible Badger,& Reptillo in the Animen of Andromeda...This coincided with Wolf adopting the lovely,but deadly,Amazonia as his mate...Reptillo was angered by Wolf's induction to the group & left rather hastily...Began 2089 by losing to Thantos in the finals of the Heavy Metal title tournament at Galacticade II in March...The high point of his career came one month later when he defeated fellow hero Star Warrior by submission to win his first(and so far only) Galaxian title...He would lose the belt 2 months later to Massif,but proved to the galaxy he could be focused enough to hold a major title...Defeated Thantos at Winter Warfare '89 for the Heavy Metal belt,and would wear the strap until January '91,when he vacated the title to join the Defenders in the WarGames tournament...The fact remains,he was NEVER beaten for the belt...Won the Promoter's Choice award in 2089 & the Wrestler of the Year award in 2090...With Defenders teammate Star Warrior holding the WarGames singles title the entire year,he unfortunately never recieved a shot at the title in '91,but none the less,contributed 9 points to the Defenders WarGames championship.