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The year began with a bang,as GWF champion Galactic Punisher shockingly announced he was taking a leave of absence from the Federation Defense Fighters to focus more on ridding the federation of all rulebreakers.This announcement surely must have caught the attention of Krakan,who earlier had announced the disbanding of the Society of Death and declared himself a "hitman for hire".The disbanding of the once-legendary S.O.D. saw Mutant join Vanity's Wild Things,along with former Ani-Man Reptillo,who left the group after they recruited Wolf.The remaining S.O.D. member,Ghengis Khan formed an unlikely alliance with Commander Sam & Adam Blast,who left the FDF.The trio recruited GWF newcomer Mitsuko the Mongol & the All Earth Squad was born.Changes in allegiance abounded in 2090,as the Spacecroppers joined the Fighting Titans & rechristened themselves the Barbarians.Pulsar joined the FDF,with Trainer Jim's blessing;Death Knight was reborn Death Masque;the Gladiators returned from their 'cleansing' more dangerous than ever;and Thantos became an 'official' member of the Royal Court.He also became GWF champ for a second time by defeating Galactic Punisher at New Year's Evil,in January.He would be dethroned by Star Warrior one month later,but would regain the belt in September in a cosmic cage match,making him the first 3-time GWF champ.During Star Warrior's reign,Thantos & Bishop Hell won the tag titles from Titan Power,but would hold them for less than a month before being dethroned by the Animal Pack,led by Amazonia,who became the first female manager in GWF history.The Greek Gods would wear the belts for the first time in 2+ years,but would lose them in a span of 2 months to the Tag Team of the Year award winners the Alien Corps,led by first-year manager,Doomsayer.Earthquake took the IP title from Bishop Hell in January,but was dethroned by Spike one month later.Exo King would wear the gold from April to May,before being defeated by Promoter's Choice award winner,Lord Nexus.Nexus was the victim of a brutal attack at the hands of Death Masque a month after winning the belt,but managed to keep it until December,despite being injured.Spike would reclaim the belt at Winter Warfare in December.An IP tag team title was also born,and Creature Feature became the inaugural champs,defeating the Royal Creeps in a tournament final.The Western Powers and the Barbarians would each hold the titles before Mutant & Creeper regained them in September,only to lose them in November to the Eastern Dynasty during the first-ever GWF tour,Hell on Earth.Pit Viper won the CW title for the 5th time,defeating Mesmer in April.He would lose the belt to former ally Pulsar at Star Wars in June.Mad Jester would take the strap at Rage In The Cage,but would lose it to Terak,the Beast-Rider at Helloween in October.Terak was guided by Manager of the Year award winner Trainer Jim,who also guided him to the IP tag titles with Renegade,led Lord Nexus to the IP title,and began the year as manager to tag champs TitanPower.Ghengis Khan took the TV title from Reptillo at Galacticade 4,and would hold it until July,where Mutant won the belt a 4th time,at SolarSlam.Commander Sam would win the title at Clash of the Champions XVII,but would lose it back to Reptillo during the Hell on Earth tour in November.Finally,the year ended with the belt around the waist of Death Masque,who won the title on the last day of the year,at Winter Warfare.Bounty Hunter followed up an impressive rookie year by winning the 4th annual Star Wars tournament,defeating Thantos in the final match.The Ani-Men brought Iron Mane to the GWF & he rewarded them with an effort that earned him Rookie of the Year honors.The FDF v. Royal Court once again won the Feud of the Year award,and Wolf finally won the Wrestler of the Year award,going undefeated and holding the Heavy Metal title for the entire year,defending the belt in a series of brutal 'torture chamber' matches.What's ahead for '91? The "dice" have it.