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Born July 2nd,1957...Made pro debut in 1976...Won first WWF title on January 26th,1987 when the Hart Foundation defeated the British Bulldogs for the Tag Team titles...Lost the titles to Strike Force on October27th,1987...The Hart Foundation won the belts for a 2nd time on October 27th,1990, by defeating Demolition...Won first WWF singles title at SummerSlam '91,defeating Mr. Perfect for the Inter-Continental belt...Lost the title to the Mountie on January 17th,1992,wrestling with a 104 degree fever that also caused him to miss the Royal Rumble...Regained the belt at WrestleMania VIII,by defeating Rowdy Roddy Piper...Lost the belt to his brother-in-law,the British Bulldog at SummerSlam '92 in England...Won first of 5 WWF World Titles on October 12th,1992, defeating Ric Flair in Saskatoon...Would hold the title until WrestleMania IX,in Las Vegas,where Mr. Fuji threw salt in Bret's eyes,enabling Yokozuna to win the title...Declared co-winner of the 1994 Royal Rumble when he and Lex Luger were simultaneously eliminated by each other...Was defeated by younger brother Owen in opening match at WrestleMania X, but would regain the World title from Yokozuna in the main event...Lost the belt to Bob Backlund at Survivor Series '94 when,at Owen's urging,Helen Hart threw in the towel,therefore stopping the match...Won the World title a 3rd time at Survivor Series '95 by defeating Diesel...Lost the belt in controversial fashion at WrestleMania XII,when after no pinfalls were scored during the 1 hour marathon match against Shawn Michaels,WWF president Gorilla Monsoon ordered Bret back into the ring to wrestle an "overtime" period,and Shawn pinned Bret...Bret took a "leave of absence"...After turning down an offer to jump to WCW,Bret returned to the WWF at the October 21st,RAW...Won the World belt a 4th time on February 16th,1997, defeating Steve Austin,Vader,and the Undertaker in an elimination match for the vacant title...Lost the belt one night later on RAW,to "Sycho" Sid...Beat Austin at WrestleMania XIII when Austin "passed out" while in the sharpshooter.. .March 25th,1997 saw Bret reunite with Owen and the British Bulldog to form the new Hart Foundation,which would later include Bret's brother-in-law Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart and Brian Pillman...Won his 5th and final (so far) WWF title at SummerSlam '97 when special referee Shawn Michaels hit the Undertaker with a chair meant for Bret and was forced to make the 3 count,declaring Bret the new champion...Signed a contract with WCW after WWF owner Vince McMahon unsuccessfully tried to renegotiate his 20 year,multi-million dollar deal...This led to the infamous SCREW JOB at Survivor Series '97,when McMahon ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell while Michaels had Bret in the sharpshooter, implying that he submitted,when in fact, he DIDN'T...Arrived in WCW as the supposed newest member of the nWo...Made his intentions clear at Starrcade '97 when as special referee,he helped Larry Zbysko defeat Eric Bischoff and later interfered in the Sting/Hollywood Hogan World title match...Hart claimed referee Nick Patrick made a fast count,punched him,ordered the match re-started,& ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell as Hogan submitted to Sting's scorpion death lock...Shocked everybody by helping Hogan win the World title from Randy Savage on the April 20th NITRO... Formed an unlikely alliance with Hogan, but never "officially" joined the nWo... Won his first WCW singles title by defeating "Diamond" Dallas Page for the vacant U.S. title on July 20th,1998... Lost the belt to Lex Luger on August 10th,1998,but regained it 3 nights later when Luger "passed out" while in the sharpshooter...A rift developed between Hogan & Hart when Bret stopped Hogan from pummeling Sting...An alliance between Hart & the Wolfpac appeared to be imminent,but was later revealed to be nothing but a sophisticated plot,when Hart attacked Sting,who had come to rescue him during a match against Hogan...Defeated Sting at Halloween Havoc '98,but lost the U.S. belt to "Diamond" Dallas Page the next night on NITRO...Regained the title on November 30th,1998,after the Giant interfered in a No DQ match...Disappeared (left out?) from the WCW scene,but resurfaced in February,1999,and was defeated for the U.S. belt by Rowdy Roddy Piper on the February 15th NITRO.

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  • 5-time WWF World Champion
  • 2-time WWF Tag Team Champion
  • 2-time WWF InterContinental Champion
  • 3-time WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion
  • WWF King of the Ring '93
  • WWF Royal Rumble Co-Winner '94
  • Ranked #1 in PWI 500 '93,'94
  • PWI Match of the Year Award '92,'96,'97
  • PWI Feud of the Year Award '93,'94
  • PWI Most Hated Wrestler Award '97
  • PWI Inspirational Wrestler Award '94
  • PWI Comeback of the Year Award '97

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