Greetings from Jon Bolland

Greetings from Jon Bolland

Well, I'm finally off my duff and updating this page.(Latest update NOVEMBER 28, 1999.) We'll be working on this thing every now and then so stay in touch. In His will, JB

Please be patient we are underconstruction... eternally.

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I am a member of the Church of Christ (link to church page is below). I was baptized into Christ in 1976 in the ocean at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba while stationed there in the U.S.Navy. I met my wife, Jeanine (also baptized there) in Cuba, and our daughter Jaime was born there. Jeanine and I have a total of five children, and seven grandchildren.

I remember when I was baptized. It was at night at the beach. At the time the movie "JAWS" was playing around theaters and you can imagine what was drifting in and out of my thoughts while I was in the water that night.

Today I am active in the church at Varysburg, in the heart of Western New York State. I share the preaching and all other responabilities with another fellow, Kevin Darbee.

I publish the bulletin for the congregation (as a weekly "NEWSLETTER"). If you would like me to mail you the NEWSLETTER e-mail me and I will see to it. I can also email as and attachment if you have MS Publisher 97... or as HTML and you can view it using your browser.

These are some things that I am interested in that I would share with you...

Church of Christ at Varysburg, NY

I crew for a stock car, not as much as the owner would like ...
I sortta owe this fellow a lot of thanx, for all we did together over the summer of '97,. and I never would have gotten behind the wheel of a race car without him (one of my life long dreams). I was graced with driving the car in the mechanics race, what fun it was! I wish to thank him also for helping me get on my feet with this website stuff, too. So ... Brian, thank you very much. You will never know what our relationship means to me.

Two pictures of the car.

Never park your car under any wires.

Car gif thanks to Wayne Tessier

  Want to know what the weather is like in my neck of the woods?
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  This goes to some poems & stuff I wrote.

  Harley Mom, I believe this lady means what she says.

  This site belongs to Kyle. He's about the youngest little buddy I got on the net. His page has some really good links for kids.

  This is CAT's place. (A friend of a friend...) She is into buiding GIF's for web pages. Check her out.

  This is the home page of the manager of the power plant where I work. (Gee Don I"m impressed!) I could try to get some brownie points here but I won't go there.
  These are some "one liners" that were e-mailed to me. I thought they were pretty funny.