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Ron's Eiffel Tower: Ooops

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We had decided it would be a "great idea" to walk the Eiffel Tower at night.

It was surprisingly easy. We just started walking up the steps, which had no barrier by which to stop us. The damp night air, along with the bright moon, helped guide our long, precipitous climb to our goal.

"How much further?", she asked.

"Not far."

The first floor . . .

"Let's take a break here," I said, stopping to take a breather near the first stop the elevator would take as it took its long ascent up the Paris landmark.

She followed me over to where the elevator would usually stop.

"God, I thought we'd never get here!" The moonlight shined brightly on the platform. Some night bird flew closely overhead and a noise startled us closely from somewhere nearby.

"What the hell was that?!"

Her face was pale and her eyes were bulging in the direct moonlight. "I have no idea."

Another noise, this time more of a groan, and in the direction of the elevator. I held my flashlight tightly in my hand, and with as much stealth as possible, tiptoed my way over to the metal structure. A weird light of some sort edged its way out of a thin crack at the edge. I placed my fingers on the edge of the opening and gathered up all my strength. Now . . . I pulled with all my might.

"What the . . . who the hell are you? . . . this from the inside of the elevator. A couple was on the floor of the elevator, doing you know what . . . his pants were down to his ankles, and his bare butt was now shining from the reflection from the moon. This had been such a great idea . . . now, all I could say was



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