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Ron's Eiffel Tower: Second Floor

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Paris looks just like the pictures, I thought, as I scanned the landscape in the direction of Notre Dame from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. . .

The Ile de la Cite, the largest island of Paris, which housed none other than the Notre Dame cathedral with its weird, but fascinating gargoyles and its impressive flying buttresses which supported the world famous building. . .in addition to the Sainte Chappelle cathedral, known for its gorgeous stained-glass windows . . . surrounded by the Seine river on which at this time was travelling the Bateau Mouche, a tourist-filled sightseeing boat, that was making its hourly loop around the end of the islands and would now work its way back down the Seine to where I now stood . . . the Eiffel Tower.

I turned my head slightly to the right and noticed an outdoor cafe, outside of which were many pencil-point Parisians seated at small tables sipping glasses of various wines, exercising one of their most favorite pastimes . . . people-watching!

A smile came to my face. I was probably standing exactly where my Uncle Lou had stood, viewing this same scene, only with a different cast of characters, feeling the same emotions I was experiencing . . .

It made me shiver . . .

A good shiver!


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