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"all that no one see's you see, what's inside of me. every nerve that hurts, you heal deep inside of me, you don't have to speak.I feel..Emotional Landscapes they puzzle me, confuse. then the riddle gets solved, and you push me up to.. This State of Emergency, how beautiful to be, State of Emergency,

It's Where I long to be...

Welcome to my site the Excelsior, or "Ever Upward" Underground. Thanks for droppin by...just sit back, relax, throw in some crazy, funky breakbeat jams or photek Bjork remixes and feel the vibe... My name is D_ and I'm always representin New York and the whole Northeast. The most important thing in life to me, aside from family and friends is music. Music is an International language. Without music we wouldn't have expression, and without expression we wouldn't have individuality... //anyway// ///KEEP IT REAL////New York Baby// When I'm not blowin up at your local club, or Shreddin the empty pool in your backyard while your away, You can find me in Iwakuni Japan, where I am presently livin.
So as you read B4 I luv to Skate..and I only shred Trucks because they last long... And When it comes to decks I'm only riding on because of the concave..yeah right!!..The anime girls are Dope ..
***Update August 15th 2000...Well all my friends..I am still living in Japan and i will be here for 36 months..crazy Huh??? I am online here and you can drop me an e-mail at have been here in Japan for over 9 months now and i love it..there so much to do here..although I don't stay here all the time..In the Last nine months I have been to Thailand, Australia, and Korea. I am going to Thailand again on th 20th and will see Singapore soon too! ..I decided since i will be here for three years to buy a car that is not available in the USA, a kinda of Japanese token car..The Nissan Skyline. i have been hookin it up a bit I added a 5Zigen exaust system and an APEXi intake kit and some GReddy is pretty fast. here is a pic of the infamous skyline.., .you can hook cars up here to no end, the laws are pretty LAX..i have made some japanese friends and we meet on saturday nights and race until the cops come..then we hit the clubs in HIRO (Hirsohima)..The people here are pretty cool , but not as cool as the Thai's..The latest style with guys here is a "Grunge kinda look" and with Japanese girls is to wear really short skirts i mean like three inches long and really high boots, they get real dark fake tans and wear white lipstick and dye their hair blonde, wear clthes that don't match at all, like bright green shirts and bright orange skirts (at the same time" some of them look like they are from another planet, but hey, thats cool with me, its all about expression, i have been getting into some Japanese Trip Hop/Breakbeats, it is similar to the south Florida stuff but it has a little more edge to it..well drop me a line cool, ill be back in the states in December/// Hey!!! I Just updated my links today with some cool sites..Check them out.....
"How many fates turn around in the overtime, ballerinas that have fins that you'll never mind? You thought that you were the bomb. Yes well so DID I... Say you don't want it, but you don't really mean it!!!.." Tori Amos
"We live on a mountain. Right at the top. This beautiful view... from the top of the mountain. Every morning I walk towards the edge, and throw little things off. Like car parts bottles and cutlery, or whatever I find lying around.. it's become a habit a way to start the day.. I go through all this. Before you wake up. So I can feel happier to be safe again with you.

It's early morning. No one is awake. I'm back at my cliff, still throwing things off, I listen to the sounds they make, on their way down. I follow with my eyes till they crash. I imagine what my body would sound like; Slammin.. against those rocks. And when it lands, will my eyes be closed or open?... I go through all this, before you wake up, so I can be happier to be safe again with you..." BJORK

Daryl T and Johnny P
"Brothers For Ever"

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