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Order Dri Wash Products From Our Factory Direct Store . Or Save $$$ In Our Distributor-Run Store With Our Winter Sale!!

DWG International, Inc.offers a complete line of cleaning and detailing products for your car, truck, boat, airplane, jet skis, motorcycle, motor home and more designed to clean and protect every surface of your vehicle inside and out all without a drop of water. We even have products to make your home shine too.

Your vehicle's finish is under constant assault. Radiant and ultraviolet energy, acid rain, salt, pollution, insect fluids and bird droppings wage constant war on your vehicle's finish. Dri Wash® waterless products provide an easily renewable, transparent barrier between the finish and a hostile environment.

From the exterior paint and trim, to the engine, to the interior leather, upholstery, vinyl, and carpet, these products give you unrivaled excellence in cleaning. 

There's even an advanced engine oil treatment to keep your car well lubricated and always running in top condition. With DWG International™, Inc.'s line of home care products, you can make your home shine just like your car!

They're fast and easy to use, and they're completely waterless. Your windows, appliances, bathroom surfaces, and counters will shine like new. You'll love the unique upholstery and leather cleaners to restore nearly everything in your home to its original state.

All of these revolutionary products offer immediate results, they conserve our valuable water, and they'll save you time and money. 

Try these great products for yourself and compare!  Order full size products with a 30 day money back guarantee on our Ordering Page or order a one-application sample of Dri Wash 'n Guard ® Waterless Car Wash & Polish in our Distributor-Run Store for only 1 cent ($0.01) + S&H.  We know you will join the thousands of others that say "Dri Wash 'n Guard ® Products Are Simply The Best".

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Customer Service Line - (866) 894- WASH (9274)

Need products? Interested in becoming a local Distributor in your area? Call us Toll Free.  Our offices are open Monday - Saturday from 6 AM to 8 PM PST or e-mail us 24 / 7. We are here to help you.   



Customer Service Line
Toll Free (866) 894-
6 AM to 8 PM PST

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Order On-Line



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Purchase Dri Wash 'n Guard ® 

If you've ever used these remarkable products for your home, car, boat, or plane no one has to tell you how great these product are because you already know!! 

Now you can purchase Dri Wash 'n Guard ® and DWG International™, Inc.'s wide array of AWESOME products DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER, or from our Retail distributor-run store or you can call one of our local distributors near you (If available).   If you have not tried our products see below for details about getting a sample.

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All DWG Automotive Product prices have been reduced in our Retail Distributor-Run Store ONLY.  Save $$$ and get your products much faster with 2 - 3 business day delivery by visiting our Retail Distributor-Run Store today. 


GET A FREE PB-10 ($19.95 Value) WITH ANY ORDER OVER $100 FROM Distributor-Run Store

Also available in our Distributor-Run Online Store:

Business Information Packs, Detailing Starter Kits, DWG Distributor Kits, Terry Towels and the............

DWG 20 Minute Detail Kit   NEW - DWG Buffing Towel    Samples

The DWG 20 Minute Detail Kit  is a great way to take our auto products for a "test drive" and not just take our word for it that these products are "Simply the Best".  Prove it to yourself !    

Never tried Dri Wash® before? Not convinced it really works?  Try a one application sample of Dri Wash 'n Guard ® for only $0.01 (Almost Free) +S&H from our Distributor-Run Store and see for yourself what all the hype is about.  We are confident you will either want more Dri Wash® or you will want to learn more about our business and how "30-Seconds Can Change Your Life".


U.S. and Canadian Business Opportunity
Save 20% - 40% and more! Become an Independent Distributor and purchase DWG products at wholesale! Purchase DWG products retail by the bottle or wholesale by the case. Distributors can be enrolled for U.S./ CN.

Plus when you sign up today you will also receive "The Appearance, Enhancement and Protection Package" for FREE which contains the following:
1-4 oz. Bottle of DWG ULTRA-ION™
1-4 oz. Bottle of DWG Leather & Vinyl Treatment
1 -4 oz. Bottle of DWG Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment
1-4 oz. Bottle of DWG ALL-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment
1 DWG Buffing Towel
1 DWG Product Catalogue

This is a $39.95 Value - and is  FREE when you sign up as a Distributor for $36.95 US / $49.50CN - Click here to join and and start saving on your future case purchases of Dri Wash Products.

For more info on wholesale pricing & business opportunity - click here



Listen to an audio recording called "It's Just Water" to learn about the Global Water Crisis and What YOU Can Do About It

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Watch a 7 Minute Video Below About the DWG Opportunity (Real Video)

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