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Hey!!! This is my Tribute to The BEST Tag Team in The WWF ...The Headbangers!!!

It's hard to find info on them but I will do my best and have a mini Bio and Tribute Page!!!!

I'll have the Bio up this weekend

Headbangers Pics

WOW!!! They have Hair???


Here is a Headbangers Bio

Real Names and Other Info:

Mosh: Chaz Warrington

Mosh: 243 lbs.

Mosh:HeightMosh: 6'

Thrasher: Glen Ruth

Thrasher: Height 6'2"

Thrasher: 245 lbs

From:Seatle, Washington

Titles Held: WWF Tag Titles From The British Bulldog & Owen Hart and The NWA Tag Titles From The Rock 'n Roll Express

Other Federations: UeWF and MIW

Mosh and Thrasher use their Heavymetal gimmick but the started off in e-wrestling!!! They didn't acctually know anything about Heavymetal infact they only knew three cords . As time went by they got better. A lot of people think they were just some tag team that were wearing skirts lisitinin to Marilyn Manson but they were acctually made out to be an Evil Version of The Rockers Marty and Jannetty. They have been around even before Shawns turn on Jannetty in the Barber Shop(believe it or not)

The Headbangers and their manager Fender Marshall Debuted in UeWF in 1991. Everyone hated them even before they debuted. They were inteanded to be a really good Tag Team but just like now...They got the backseat!!! Theyb had a fued with a team name The Armed Forces which gave them a BIG push to main event status at a Grapplemania. It was the first ever Doomsdome match. They gave Johnny Granite a carear ending neck injury after jumping him at the first Johnson cup. They finnally got a Tag Title in the Summer of 93 The defeated a team called Apocalypes NOW. They lost them and regained them from the Cochon Brothers and lost them too Apocalypes NOW. Their last match was a loss to Cannonball Calhoun and Steelgrave at Grapplemania 3.

They went to The Summit VI Road Warrior Cup. Which was a tournament. They made it to the finals to against The Shadow Assasins. In the semi finals Thrasher had been cut wide open by a Criccet bat. They got screwed out of the tournament like every Title match etc...and went to MIW.

More comming Soon!!!!