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Fast paced arcade b-ball action.If youve played the arcade or any other version of this game then you know what your in for.Back and forth dunks and high flying insane moves.Pick your team and start running.A good arcade basketball title I used to pump quarters in at the arcade. The load times were long though which kinda stinks for such a fast paced game.

NFL Football Trivia Challenge

Type:Sports Trivia,Players:2,Graphics:5,Control:6,Sound:7,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
If you're a big football buff I reccomend this game to test your knowledge.It's mainly trivia questions with still pictures pertaining to the question,with a football spin. With each question you answer you gain yards,but when you miss one you go to the next down. After you reach the other side of the field and get enough questions right you get a touch down. There are a few different skill levels for the Rookie NFL trivia person like myself. Overall it's a pretty cool game for football fans who know to much. Even though it's only a trivia game it was better than I expected.

NFL's Greatest San Francisco Vs Dallas

This is an odd one. You pick either San Fran or Dallas and proceed to pick plays, sort of like a coach of sorts. However the game plays out in full motion video without any interaction by you. The idea is an interesting one, but I wonder if it could have had some more interaction. Either way I do find the idea to be novel, the sound is decent, and the graphics are pretty nice too.

NHL 94'

Pretty good hockey game. Decent graphics for the Genesis era. Seems to be the same thing as the genesis version the only real difference is that there is a real hockey crowd doing voices in the backround along with the in-game crowd. Where as the in-game crowd is only featured on the genesis version. The extra sound effects make a lot of difference in sound. Overall it's a good hockey game that you'll enjoy if your into the sport and would like to relive some classic gameplay.

Night Trap

Type:FMV Mystery,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:8,Overall:9.
I love these type of games,Full FMV game where you trap the bad guys in the house your in.There was also a re-released version due to the first version having some heat on it but the re-released version doesn't seem to be different then the original.The game stars the girl from different strokes,the late Dana Plato. If you ask any Sega CD fan about this game they will usually praise it's innovative qualities. I enjoyed Double Switch more due to the story being much better and having some good plot twists. But otherwise the game play is very similar, people walk into a room and you have to trap them with different devices. This game caused huge controversy and was a big part of video games having ratings. Up until this point games had pretty much had no ratings. The vampires are violent I assume and it does have some scary FMV but nothing that scary. Definite classic Sega CD game.

Nova Storm

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:7,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
Mix FMV backgrounds with pretty decent graphics of a space ship and you pull Nova Storm out. I owned this game on PSX and hated it with a passion but I seem to like it more on my Sega CD. Your a spacecraft on what looks to be an alien planet and you must shoot other crafts while dodging and weaving. You get special power ups and all that other stuff we're used to in every shooter. If your a Classic Shooter fan and you like the old stuff like Gradius then I would suggest giving Nova Storm a whirl otherwise, ahh it's nothing to special.


This game isn't quite a game at all.You pretty much take the role of a little boy and push different buttons and watch different animations the whole game.I assume its amusing to some.It says on the back of the box its for adults to play and relax.It didn't relax me I know that much.Not what i expected at all.

Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors

This was an unreleased title that I happened to run across on the web and have downloaded. The game stars Penn and Teller the famous comedy/magic duo from the 80's/90's. The game is a bunch of mini games which are quirky and not good on the whole. One mini game is called Desert Bus in which you must drive a bus with no interaction what so ever for 8 hours in real time. Supposedly you receive 1 point in your score after this 8 hour trek. This sounds like more of a gag to me, but an 8 hour gag of sitting there driving a bus with no scenery,passing cars or anything except the occasional bug splatter on the windshield is not fun nor funny.

There is also a little puzzle/adventure game called smoke and mirrors which seemed to be the best of the mini games, it played like a side scroller in which you collect cockroaches, and purchase/collect items for your quest and complete puzzles. I beat the first level but I didn't find a save option so i stopped there after ;P There's also Mofo the psychic gorilla (I kid you not). Who can guess your playing card, but since I have no instructions for this game i can't figure out how to start it up! There's also 2 shooting type games which aren't very fun. and a Guess your sign game in which Penn and Teller ask questions where you must then answer and in turn they will guess your sign by your responses. This title is quirky with some ok graphics and introductions done by the duo themselves in lovely fmv. The game play is semi humorous but not very fun and would never warrant a purchase, thank god it was a free download. If I can get Mofo the psychic gorilla to ever work I will add my experience to this review.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Pitfall:The Mayan Adventure

The classic pitfall remade for the Sega CD. It's a platform game which can be fun for any ages and its pretty addictive,the music is a little generic and bland but otherwise the game was fun. I kept making myself do jumps over and stride on. If your a platform gamer,I'd recommend this.

Popful Mail

Type:Action RPG,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:9,Sound:9,Gameplay:8,Overall:9.
It's like combining a platform game and an rpg and this is what popped out. Great anime cut scenes and all the talking between main characters uses actual voices instead of just text. The fighting is like a platform game but the talking and buying items etc. is rpgish. Very good game, and very praised as a Sega CD game.

Power Factory(C&C):Make My Video

Type:Music Maker,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:6,Sound:4,Gameplay:4,Overall:4.
Better then Kriss Kross & Marky Mark,but of course you can't top INXS ;)Make a video with C&C Music Factory and get rated on your performance.I'll say it again, creativity is a plus. I also enjoy how it stars a familiar looking actor from Mad TV (Phil LaMarr) and the bad guy from Class Act (Lamont Johnson).

Power Monger

Strategy game.Not a good package overall,I didn't enjoy it.Im not a huge strategy fan and i don't hate them either but its just standard fare. small graphics and slow game play equal no fun for Mike.

Prince Of Persia

You play as a turban headed hero who runs around and collects power ups and makes lots of leaps. Think Indiana Jones except middle eastern. This game has a big cult following and is a good platformer but a little bit on the difficult side. I would still give it a run if your into platformer games with challenge.

Prize Fighter

Type:First Person Boxing,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:7,Sound:7,Gameplay:8,Overall:8.
Another game that's not for everyone. In first person view in full FMV you must duke it out with one of four boxers. It's a very fun boxing game but it's very hard unless you have the training mode on which shows you what to do for the first round.Only four boxers to fight but you have to fight them over and over to build up your character to fight the champ.To be the man you have to beat the man,WHOOOO!


Mario type game play with a weird alien looking guy.Some small puzzles etc.Cute looking main character and should be fun for the little tikes. Game play and sound are both standard fare.

Racing Aces

After replaying this game years after my initial mini review, I am totally disappointed! The graphics were always bad and blocky but look even worse nowadays. The sound is still mediocre, but what really let me down was the controls. Unless you are lightly tapping the direction you want to sway in, you will completely and in a fast motion fly to the other side of the screen. It helps a bit to take the controls off of being inverted, but it is still an extremely hard game to control & very slippery.You pretty much fly around while trying to race other opponents and shoot them down with different weapons. Sadly time was not kind to Racing Aces.

Radical Rex

You take the role of a dino named you guessed it, Rex. And yes he is radical, so anyway you have to jump around, spit fire, and kick things while riding skateboards and so fourth. It plays pretty much like your run of the mill platformer but what it does it does well. The game is fun for a platform junkie or mother alike. This is one of the better platformers on the Sega CD and I find it to be nice good clean fun. Nothing spectacular but good overall. If you like platforms and own a Sega CD, then this would make a nice tag partner. The game itself is a little bit on the kiddy side like most platformers and the main rap intro song is just horrible. But the game play more then makes up for it and the characters are cute just the way you like them. Give it a whirl and you might find a good game under this dino skin.

RDF:Global Conflict

It's a tank driving sim where you control the tank's speed and must aim and shoot the enemies. The fmv looks very bad when your being instructed by the army guy what to do to complete the level. It's a pretty fun game and could be fun for a bit if you like tank games.

Revenge Of The Ninja

Directions pop up on screen,like left,right,up,down.You must push them quickly to beat each level.Nice cartoon drawn graphics except they are a little grainy looking.Another down side to this game is that its very short.I beat it on easy within about half an hour.

Revengers Of Vengeance

This game is sort of strange. It's like 3 games in one.There is regular fighting,then rpg type walking around and buying things and training your warrior,and then even a shooter type game when you sway left and right and take fire.It could have been great but because of the slow paced fighting and hard shooter levels its only mediocre.

Rise Of The Dragon

Type:Mystery Adventure,Players:1,Graphics:10,Control:9,Sound:10,Gameplay:9,Overall:9.
Spectacular mystery game,with a pretty cool story,nice graphics and cool characters.Can be too hard at some points like you don't have an idea what to do.But this game is excellent overall. You play the role of Blade Hunter a Private Eye of sorts who has to find out what happened to the mayor's daughter who was found dead just days ago. That starts the adventure but soon you will be pulled into a bigger plot which soon involves you and the fate of humanity. The graphics look straight out of a comic book and the sounds go along great. The game play is mainly point and click interaction but it also has a few shooting scenes. This is one of my all time favorite games, it has a great futuristic feel to it and is a must have Sega CD game.

Road Avenger

Car game,obstacles come into your way and you have to push a button quickly or its game over.You better have fast reflexes for this game. The cartoon look is nice but the game play is slightly lacking. Game is totally on rails, in the same vein as wire head or time gal.

Road Rash

This is an excellent motorcycle game. The music is done by a few pretty well known bands like Sound Garden & Monster Magnet,so it's top notch. The handling on the bikes are a little to hard to turn.The graphics were nice but not the best in the road rash series. My only little problem was that if you don't have a good chunk of space for a save on your Sega CD then you get a blue screen with the words Place Holder in the corner lol. Even though the game only saved using 1 Byte I guess it needed more to start up.

Robo Aleste

Shooting top down view game.Cool anime type presence and overall fun gameplay. Similiar to all the other space shooters before it. Good solid game though. Get ready for some fast paced shooter action.

Rock Paintings CD+G And Hot Hits

Another non-game. It's a CD-G with music that plays as lyrics and still pictures fly by the screen. I never quite understood which market this was catering to. Perhaps the Karaoke market? Either way, don't bother. LOL.

Samurai Shodown

If you've ever played this game on genesis or in the arcade you know what to expect. It's a high speed fighting fest with samurai,ninja and some other weird looking fellows. The characters are all nicely drawn and all have different move sets. The only character that wasn't included in this version was Earthquake. The game is great for any 2D fighting fans. The grunts are a little annoying and get repetitious but the music kind of just blends in with the stage. The game play is great, nicely paced and just plain fun. The only reasons I like Eternal Champions a little more is due to more characters, and fatalities which I enjoy. Another cool part about the game is that you or your opponent can drop your weapon and only use your hands until you pick it back up. A small graphical flaw I found was that sometimes when a lot of action is going on the bottom half of the characters vanish's for a second. But otherwise wow this game is a fun 2D fighter.

The Secret Of Monkey Island

Very slow paced classic point and click adventure game, with crappy load times to boot. The graphics look fairly flat, and there isn't any voice acting which was kind of a let down for yours truly. The music is nice sounding and the story is goofy yet fun thus far. It's always been deemed one of the best point and click titles. But I'd rather play Snatcher, Rise of the Dragon, or Willy Beamish. I think this game just didn't stand the test of time. Or perhaps I just lack patience in my old age? In the game you play a wanna be pirate named Gubrush Threepwood. You have to go on an adventure to become a pirate while talking and pointing and clicking your brains out along the way. I'll try to put some more time into it down the line, but for now it's just decent.

Sega CD 4in1 Classics

Cool classics compilation.Has Columns,Street of Rage,Shinobi and Golden Axe.All the old classics of the genesis age.If you would like to relive these 4 cool classics all you need is this one disc.Columns is very similar to Tetris and just as fun,Golden axe is like a fantasy type side scrolling fighter with dwarves and barbarians etc. Streets of rage is also a side scrolling fighter but with more of a now a day resemblance, and in Shinobi you take the role of a ninja in a side scrolling action game. Has some platform elements but it's mostly killing whatever is on screen. All classics in my eyes so I was glad this disc was released.

Sega CD 5in1 Classics

This game is exactly the same as the 4in1 package except it adds the game Super Monaco GP to the list. All the titles are very solid and it adds a pretty good racing title. I'm not a racing car fan but I found this game to be fun and was glad that they expanded the classics disc. If you own the 4in1 I wouldn't bother.Otherwise pick this one up for one extra game.

Sewer Shark

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:8,Overall:9.
One of my favorite Sega CD games, even if it is usually bashed in reviews =) . You man the guns inside a ship(The Hole Hawg) which speeds through the sewers while your robot friend (Catfish) yells coordinates at you. Miss one turn and it's game over. You also have to keep up the kill count while making said turns. As Catfish yells out the coordinates you have to then match up his coordinates with the direction you have to go. 12'o Clock = Up, 3 = Right, 6 = Down, 9ER = Left. The game can be very difficult with keeping up the kills and making all the correct turns. But I really liked the cheese factor this game holds. And the seriousness the other main character Ghost has through out the game as he constantly berates you. Plus who wouldn't love to see Robert Costanzo as the typical Italian stereo type that he is?

Shadow Of The Beast 2

Action side scrolling with rpg looking elements.Comes off as being cool but its kind of strange and a little difficult.Might be good for some but i wouldn't buy it again put it that way. You just walk around punch things and find items. I always seem to get stuck at one part, could thats be why I don't enjoy the game? Nahhh.

(Sega CD Import)

Type:Adventure/Strategy RPG,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:8,Overall:8.
Now I normally don't review imports because I only collect U.S. releases, that being my native land and all. But being a huge Shadowrun fan since the SNES/Genesis incarnations and now moving forward into the Xbox 360 game, the pen and paper books, and even the new kickstarter of Shadowrun Online that just funded, I decided to give this a whirl.

I thought the graphics were great, and reminiscent of Snatcher in a sense with the whole digital comic book thing going on. The big problem for me was I obviously don't read/understand the Japanese language. I tried out the game as best as I could, trying to zip past the menus and story and check out the game play. Most of it seems to be in an interactive comic style with some strategy rpg elements thrown in. I've read little reviews online that say the game consists of buying new items to upgrade your characters, but I couldn't figure out what in the hell I was doing most of the time. There was one portion I thought was pretty cool, which was when it turned into a sort of top down strategy RPG ala the Shining Force series.

The fighting as shown in the video was very brief and I didn't get to test out too much of it, but it seemed interesting and something I would love to play had I understood the language. Supposedly there is a team working on an English translation to be played on the PC, so who knows what the future will hold. As for us English speakers I can't recommend the game due to the language barrier, and it being a very wordy game. But it looks damn cool and I hope to see this translation see the light of day in the near future.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Sherlock Holmes

Type:FMV Mystery,Players:1,Graphics:7,Control:7,Sound:7,Gameplay:4,Overall:5.
Mystery game where you must find clues and solve cases all in FMV.Along with the English accents.Kind of hard and might not be a good game for people without patience.

Sherlock Holmes Volume II

Type:FMV Mystery,Players:1,Graphics:7,Control:7,Sound:7,Gameplay:4,Overall:5.
Same exact game as the first just new mysteries to solve. I didn't like the first,and I don't like the second. Big surprise lol. =)

Shining Force CD

Excellent game. All of the main characters you start off with are relatives to characters from the first Shining Force and is made reference to. Graphics are little small sprites, but the game play is outstanding and very addictive. This game is top notch and if you played the other Shining Force's and loved them, this would be right up your alley. But I still feel the original SF was better then this one because of more interaction in towns, compared to this game there is no walking around towns you just go from battle to battle.


Excellent shooter.Now i know why this game is a classic and is always mentioned in the shooter genre.Cool polygon graphics and sounds to go along with fast pace shooter action.I think this is one of the best shooters on the Sega CD.

Slam City

Type:FMV Basketball,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:6,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
A first person B-Ball game all in FMV. The difficulty is hard and you never ever grab a rebound.As a "rookie" player you must earn respect by,dunking,blocking and stealing your way through 4 cds each containing a different character to play against.After defeating all four get ready to face a very overrated player,Scottie Pippen.

The Smurfs

Type: Platformer,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:6,Sound:7,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
After speaking with Michael from, he had asked me to track down a few games for him and send them to him so he could buy the licenses and eventually market them. One of the titles was this game, The Smurfs! I had found a PAL edition online which I converted with software and then had no issues burning it to run on my Sega CD. I personally don't like this game much, I have to be honest. I find the music to be pretty good, and the cartoon graphics are nice as well. However I found the control to be slippery and annoying in a way, and the level of difficulty and frustration for me outweighed any of it's good points. It took me quite a few tries to make it through just the first level! (As seen in one of my Youtube videos.) It just seemed a little too chaotic for me, with tons of things flying around and getting in your way at once. Each of the Smurfs have different abilities supposedly, but I didn't get a chance to try any because I didn't get any further then the second level. The game has potential, but in the end I assume I am spoiled and this game frustrates my old brain. I think if you have the drive to deal with some of the more frustrating aspects of this title and are a platformer nut, you should enjoy it. However platforming is probably my least favorite genre, well before sports that is =). And it just wasn't my cup of tea.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here


Acclaimed to be one of best games ever,and it sure as hell deserves that title in the fullest.Everything in this game is outstanding.You are a detective who must get to the bottom of all these people being kidnapped and then being replaced with fake humans,known as Snatchers.Using your faithful side kick robot Metal Gear and your own wit will you be able to put a stop to the madness?¿


Side scrolling action shooter,like Gradius. Very addicting game and tons of fun.If you like 2d side shooters its a blast. A few of the Sega CD shooters are very similar this being one of them. Just all depends on how much you like shooters.

Sonic CD

If you liked the other Sonic games you will like this one.Its pretty much the same premise except now you can travel back and forth through time.Which is pretty cool,you can be in a beautiful present time and then zap yourself into the future and its a bleak robot looking ran down dump.Cool tunes,and nice graphics.

Soul Star

Pretty mediocre shooter. Your in some kind of space craft and you have a view from behind the ship. You must dodge and weave obstacles while blasting alien life forms. It's your average every day shooter. You pick up power ups you get better weapons and all that same stuff. Pretty good but nothing great.

Space Ace

Graphics are nice and cartoon looking. Sound is pretty decent but the rest is straight down hill. Just plain horrible, exact game play as Dragon's Lair. All's you do is just pretty much guess which button to choose next. With each doing something different and only slight hints on which button to push it's all a timing game. I hated dragon's lair and this game (made by the same people) is just as horrible. Steer clear, unless you loved dragon's lair that is...

The Space Adventure

Ok here's the deal with this hard to find game, you take control of Cobra the most lethal space pirate in the whole galaxy, along with your side kid Lady who happens to be a android of some type. The game play itself is strange, you just pick either Look,Move,Fight and so on and so forth. Sometimes you have to Talk or Look more than once on the same character/item for interaction to take place. The game play isn't for everyone, it's very slow paced and is very linear. I find it fun because I like games like Rise Of The Dragon and such. But this game doesn't even have as much game play as ROTD. It's mostly just picking an action and watching a clip, but the game itself is sorta interesting plus I like these types of adventure games. The graphics are hand drawn looking, and look like Snatcher/Willy Beamish/Rise Of The Dragon. This game is based on Cobra a comic book made in Japan. Another different attribute is the game has cursing and partial nudity but it only adds to the atmosphere. This game is hard to find so it's pretty expensive but I would rather spend my money on one of the hard to get Sega CD rpg's. This game doesn't have the shooting like Snatcher,the puzzles like Beamish or the game play like Rise and it isn't to much of a game, but it is fun in it's own quirky way. But not worth the ton of cash it goes for. If you liked the above mentioned adventure games and can pick this one up cheap,try it out. It's more a story book with you in it, only because of the limited interaction.


Another shooting plane type game.Again you don't actually move your craft you just shoot.Pretty cool nothing great, nothing bad all average.

Star Strike

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:7,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
This game is the second in two releases by lets hope they can get the rights to other Sega CD games and release some more =). The game play is very similar to Midnight Raiders. Oh, and the costumes are great. The aliens look great and talk in alien gibberish which is translated on the bottom of the screen and the good guys wear pretty cool costumes with helmets etc.The Video does repeat itself along with the sound like other FMV games but this title is pretty solid. I admit I did enjoy Bug Blasters:The Exterminators more due to the humor and not being a big sci fi fan but this one is pretty good also. Star Strike is just a little too similar to other FMV shooters for me. But I still found it to be pretty good fun. The only reason this got a 7 instead of an 8 was due to not being able to continue where you left off. There are these parts in the game where you must fly through an asteroid field and try to shoot them or you'll crash into them,but sometimes it can be tricky and if you die you have to start all the way back at the beginning.

Star Wars Chess

I admit this review is biased, I dislike Star Wars and chess probably both equally. The game is just plain boring. I'm sure you know what chess is like so i don't have to explain that. But the Star Wars based game play is just stupid, watching characters from the movie hit each other and die after you taking their piece, and hearing lame Star Wars music ugh. At least I give them credit for getting real songs,unlike wrestling games which some use generic music not being able to get the right licenses.

Star Wars:Rebel Assault

I'm the farthest thing from a Star Wars fan but this game isn't half bad.Your air craft flys around and you have to take aim in the cockpit and fire.Cool little cinema scenes are in between the action.For a Star Wars fan it will probably be enjoyed even more.

Stellar Fire

Blocky graphics in this shooter/space craft game.You take control of an air craft and fly around blasting things and completing missions. The game itself is fun but you've probably played something similar before it.

Supreme Warrior

Type:First Person Fighter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:6,Sound:9,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
This game sort of reminds me of a kung fu prize fighter.It's sorta similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,which is weird because it came out before it.But you will see some pretty cool stunts and moves.It's an FMV Fighter in which you gain special moves and you have to fight other warriors by trying to punch and kick but only at certain times,I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. It's extremely hard,if it was easier I would like it a lot more but its just to difficult.

Surgical Strike

After speaking to one of the creator's of the game (Tony Van), I decided to go back and re-review this title. You are a Surgical Strike team sent to take out terrorists in what look like hover tanks. Think Marty's skateboard in Back to the future but with a tank lol. Anyhow you have to pick directions to go while following the map to your next location. You also have two choices for guns in the first level. A machine gun and a rocket launcher. Both of which have limited ammo. Too many missed shots and it's game over, the bad guys will school you and you won't be able to shoot back. The graphics are good for a FMV title with the normal blurriness. I like how the game let's you decide which direction to go in, and also at the end of the first scene gives you the choice on what to shoot to complete the level. Shoot the wrong item and you explode =). This is definitely one of the better Sega CD FMV shooter titles, the only down side is all the constant beeping & chaotic sounds which can get a little nerve wracking. However I would recommend it to anyone who likes any other Sega CD FMV shooters, it's great.

The Terminator

Pretty average shooter which kinda reminded me SOME what of Contra. The music was great for a video game,classic metal riffs.The gameplay was decent but lack of weapons and variety made the score go lower.

Third World War

I re-did this review because today I was bored and actually played the game more in depth.The graphics are small and eh,the sound is good and goes along good for a war game. The game itself is pretty fun because you have to use strategies to take over other countries and recruit men etc. You fight wars and build weapons. This game would be great for a strategy buff or good for anyone. I found it to be alot of fun.

Time Cop

Type:Action Platformer,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:5,Sound:5,Gameplay:6,Overall:5.
After playing both the beta and either a demo or full version. Not sure which because I didn't get far enough. I am glad this game didn't get released! The graphics look like a muddy pit fighter, the music is average and the game play is standard fare. The level from the beta where you fly around and fight just one guy while dodging mines was horrid . The edition I'm playing now plays like a poor mans demolition man. You can kick and punch bad guys in side scrolling fashion, plus you have a pistol. But the games looks and game play remind me of Batman Forever on the Genesis. It's OK at best, but nothing that hasn't been done before, and much better.

3 Ninjas

Cool little one or two player action.In this side scrolling action game you must pick one of the three ninjas with their own unique weapon and go avenge your grandfather.You know you have had to see at least one of these 3 ninjas movies in your lifetime.The grandfather in this game is the same from the movie.The coolest part of the game is that the grandfather is in FMV and he actually speaks to you and gives you tips before each level and during bonus stages. LOL you can't beat that with a stick.The only thing is that even though it will appeal to the younger audience the difficulty can be a tad frustrating.

Time Gal

From the same people who brought you Road Avenger,and Revenge of the Ninja comes Time Gal.Another game where you must push a button as soon as it appears on the screen.One wrong move and your finished.Pretty nice cartoon graphics but the game play is lacking because of the timing/button push method it uses.

Tomcat Alley

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
Sort of reminds me of Midnight Raiders.Actually I think the guy from Midnight Raiders is in this game too lol. Yep,he is I looked in the instruction manual and David Crowley is in both games.It was very funny how you play one game then switch games and the same guy just pops up out of nowhere. Ehem so anyway the review.It's a FMV shooter where your inside a jet and have to set your targets on the enemies and blast them out of the sky. I thought it was a pretty good game but not as good as Midnight Raiders, but a safe bet would be if you liked Midnight Raiders then check this game out. It won't hurt to try heh.

Trivial Pursuit

This game is exactly like the board game is,except for good measure they threw in some FMV. It's pretty fun if you like the board game.Personally I like Wheel Of Fortune better.

Ultraverse Prime

Type:Side Scrolling Fighter,Players:1,Graphics:7,Control:8,Sound:6,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
This game is exactly like final fight, you walk around and fight some bad guys over and over. Prime is this huge guy who is actually a young kid who got super powers and is now Prime. Prime has a few special grab moves you can do by holding a direction button and pushing the A button. The graphics and sound are very standard and the game play gets boring after a little while. Worth a shot if you liked Final Fight and games like that. Just felt very repetitive to me.


Another hard to find RPG on the Sega CD.Pretty good rpg,very 16bitish.Made by Working Designs the same people who made the Lunar series and Popful Mail.In this game you must go on a journey to find a set of armor that was cast away years ago for almost destroying the whole land.Now a similar armor has risen and your only hope is to find the armor that almost destroyed civilization years ago and bring it to help you in your quest against this new enemy.It's a pretty good game but a little run of the mill though.

Wheel Of Fortune

Just like the TV show with Vanna turning the letters and all.Its pretty funny how she shakes in FMV ,it must be some sort of glitch when they put her over this fake backdrop for the game.It's pretty fun though with a few friends,just like the show.

Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:2,Graphics:7,Control:6,Sound:6,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
I expected more from this game and what i got was less.I was hoping for a game like Mad Dog Mcree,which it is very similar to.But for some reason it just seems a notch harder.A little too hard. You play a private detective who must find out who shot Johnny Rock (a music singer in the game). It's all in FMV in which you have to spot the the bad guys quickly who will come out from everywhere and shoot you when you least expect it.Maybe i'll give it another go and rewrite this review soon,hrmmm.

Wild Woody

Got more than I expected with this platform game. It's very fun, you play the role of a pencil and must erase the cartoon enemies and draw things also. It's a jumping platformer like usual so if your a fan of Sonic or Mario etc.. I'd definitely reccommend this game, I got semi-addicted to it when I was playing. Great for little kids, or even our mothers. I dunno about your mom but mine loves these kinds of games and games like columns/tetris lol.

Wing Commander

Very nicley animated graphics,they look almost 32 bit age.You are aboard a ship and have to go on missions with your craft.Shoot the bad guys and then get some more practice on your own virtual ship inside of the bar in the game.

Wire Head

For some strange reason I really enjoyed this game.In full FMV you play as the friend in the tv show the Hogans if you remember it?So anyway,you have different options on screen of which way to go and have a limited amount of time to push left,right etc.Depending on what you push you might make it or might not.The cool part of the game is that there is more then one way to go so its pretty darn cool.Also the ending is interesting.


Action side scroller. Jump and fight in this game while collecting items.Collect a few and blam you turn into a Wolf with even more power.Fight your way through many levels with increasing difficulty.


Basic platform game,seems aimed towards kids due to it's nature.You encounter bunnys,horses and the like that you have to shoot stars at to kill them. Nothing too new or different about it, standard fare.

WorldCup USA 94'

Very bad looking soccer game. Two tracks on the CD were done by the band the Scorpions and they caught my attention,me being the rock fan I am. Good music, the game play was a little to hard to control and actually get down field/pass the ball, But it seems like if your a soccer fan you could get into it ,but it's still not exceptional or anything.

WWF Rage In The Cage

Very similar to its Genesis counter parts (Royal Rumble and Raw).Rage is a good game with some cool FMVs you can watch of each character doing their special move before you select them. So it has 8 more charactersthen Royal Rumble but really lacks in match options. There's no royal rumble,no survivor series, not even a tag match! Has some great older wrestlers and is also a one or two player slam fest it's just to bad they couldn't put more match options. I prefer raw and royal rumble but if you don't own either or don't mind not having tag matches, then this is a pretty cool older wrestling title. I would have taken more matches over more wrestlers but hey at least you can fight in a cage.

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