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Game Reviews A-M

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

Type: Driving/Action,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
Not a bad game especially for a Batman fan.Very nicely drawn cartoon clips.Repetitive game play which isn't to much fun.You pretty much drive a car throughout the whole game and dodge and shoot things. I expected a fleshed out batman title and all I got was an on-rails shooter. It's OK, but not as good as it could have been. I'd steer clear unless you are a big batman fan.

The Adventures of Willy Beamish

This game is an awesome cartoony adventure game.Pretty much point and click and solve puzzles.You are Willy Beamish and you must make it to the video game championships.Of course there is a much bigger plot at hand, but you must figure that out for yourself. The graphics are excellent especially for the time it was released. The game is fun and can even be funny on occasion. This is one of the best titles on the system in my opinion, and holds a special place for me. A few of the bad parts about this game is that its very difficult at points,plus the load times are atrocious. I guess that's why during the loading scenes you can manipulate the balls/sphere on screen to kill time. Overall, it's an amazing yet difficult and slow paced point and click adventure game. Any adventure game enthusiast owes it to themselves to play through this.

After Burner 3

This game isn't what I really expected.I expected a sub par shooter. What I got was a lot of good gaming. All around it's solid, great graphics, great sound, and fun game play.Seems just like the arcade's afterburner if you've ever played it. This is a shooter fan's dream.

AH3 Thunder Strike

Nothing spectacular, just your average everyday game.I think the 2d controls for a 3d game were pretty bland. The gameplay was your normal run of the mill aircraft shooting game. I also thought the graphics were alright but a little choppy considering it receives fairly good praise. Overall I don't feel it's as good as everyone makes it out to be.

The Amazing Spiderman vs Kingpin

Fun game,especially if your a fan of spider man. There is some great platforming action. You can swing webs around bad guys then beat them to a pulp, climb on buildings and upside down and the like. This is a good choice for any action/platform fan. The only bad part is the sounds are a little redundant, when you get hit or throw a punch/kick you make the same noise. Also the fighting can be a bit boring after awhile, but what do you expect from a spider man game I guess? Solid release, worth a swing. No pun intended.

Android Assault

Very solid and fun side-view shooter. Kind of like the old classic(s) ala gradius. Great for twitch game play and a arcade/shooter fan. Give it a whirl, you should be fairly impressed.

The Animals

Type:Multimedia Zoo,Players:1,Graphics:5,Control:5,Sound:2,Gameplay:1,Overall:2.
This is horrible, it isn't even a game. Ranks right up there with Compton's Encyclopedia. Why someone would bring something like this to a video game system is beyond me. You just watch movies and look at stills of things in the zoo and learn facts about the animals.I would avoid this title at all costs unless you have children who would like to look at photos and clips, even then it can all now be found on the internet much faster and easier. Skip it!


Very good space shooting game.Very nice and detailed graphics. This game is a first person space shooter, you actually don't control the vehicle just the shooting but its still a real good arcade type game. It's not a title you hear much about, but it definitely deserves a play through. Solid release.

Batman Returns

Cool looking game with some nice game play. You drive around and shoot, very similar to the Batman and Robin game. But eventually you also can walk on foot and use different batman weapons like the batarang, and smoke bomb, etc. Nice game for batman fans and action players alike. My batman choice over batman and robin, hands down.


Type:Mech Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:7,Sound:7,Gameplay:6,Overall:6.
First person Mech-type shooter. Everything in the game looks nice but wasn't a really fun game and didn't keep my attention. This game has not aged well. It's primarily very slow paced mech action. Not much of a stand out, but not horrible either. Very down the middle.

Battle Frenzy

First person shooter with pixilated graphics for the most part. The action is pretty fast but nothing super fast like newer FPS titles. I assume you could compare it to the Doom Series. The game play is pretty cool though and there is a 2 player co-op which is nice. There are a nice selection of guns, one that pierces through walls like in quake, a triple shot gun, a rapid fire gun etc. The story is kind of weak but the game play is cool and similar to the old PC FPS's. and put out a solid FPS on this one.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Battletech: Gray Death Legion

Type:FPS (inside a mech),Players:1,Graphics:5,Control:4,Sound:0,Gameplay:4,Overall:2.
I was very excited to find out was selling another previously unreleased beta. However the title wasn't as good as I had hoped. You play inside of a mech, sort of like those old MechWarrior PC titles. Since the game is in beta it has quite a few issues, there is no sound what so ever, the cut scenes which look nice sometimes overlap one another, and the graphics glitch out sometimes while shooting and maneuvering your mech. This beta is being sold as playable with no sound and one level. I'm not quite sure how playable it really is. Seemed extremely glitchy to me, what graphics I did see were pretty nice along with nice cut scenes. It definitely reminded me of AH-3 Thunder Strike in a way. On the positive side the game had about 17 mechs to choose from, all which looked very different from one another and were cool to scope out. The intro looked pretty but also housed a very disturbing looking ship which looked like a big phallic symbol. Overall I wouldn't classify it as anything more then what it's sold as, a beta. I was even having a problem finding out which button makes the mech walk... It's not much fun due to its constraints but could have been decent had it been finished. Overall I wouldn't recommend it in its current form. It just has too many issues.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

BC Racers

In this little racer you must choose one of six prehistoric racers. The graphics are cartoons and are drawn nicely. One of the racers you could choose is even our beloved Chuck Rock and his son. You race around the tracks punching the other opponents in hope to take their spot. The better you finish the more points you recieve at the end of the race. It's a fun game that you'd like to pop in once in awhile but it won't hold your attention very long. The music is just looped midis which can be annoying, but the drawings are done nicely and it has a cool look to it. I wish the game had a little more depth for a racer but overall it is a good little game. It sort of reminds me of a prehistoric Road Rash without the bike buying feature. They also should have added power ups and weapon pick ups to hurt your opponents with. Decent yet simple release, worth a try for casual gamers.

Bill Walsh College Football

Very good football game for the sega cd,I liked it even better then the Joe Montana football & ESPN. It's a little more fast paced even though im not into college at all. The graphics and sounds are standard fare. But this is my favorite football game for the sega cd. I was also impressed with the load times as well.

Black Hole Assault

For Some reason i didn't like this game,it was a simplistc fighter and just wasn't up my alley. You choose a robot to fight through the game with and must fight other robots and use special moves/powers. Cartoonish graphics but the gameplay just wasn't really fun. With nothing that really stands out about this release I would probably skip past it.


In this game you take the place of an actual basketball. Each basketball has a different gimmick, one looks like a zombie,one looks like a magician etc. The game itself is one on one and you must throw yourself through the hoop to get points. You also pick up power ups which do various things like make you float among other things. The game play was horrible for one player but is decent with two people. It might be a fun little game to breakout once in awhile but you'll never play for more then ten minutes.

Brutal:Paws Of Fury

This is a fun fighing game with cartoon graphics. The load times aren't even existent. You get characters to choose from then get to gain special moves after advancing. I think the difficulty level is a little too hard especially for the younger tikes. But overall I really enjoyed this game and like the tongue in cheek characters and moves it brings to the table.

Bug Blasters:The Exterminators

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:7,Gameplay:8,Overall:8.
Grade A+ for being cheesey. And it largely copies off the Ghost Busters big time and does pretty darn well doing it. The music is extremely similar to the Ghost Busters theme song. And the weapons and automobile also resemble The Ghost Busters. The sound is pretty standard fare for FMV but does repeat itself a little bit along with some video of shooting sequences. Also I found the corny jokes pretty amusing along with being able to see what I think looked like strings hanging from the Automobile The Bug Blasters (Good guys) ride in. The game itself is a gem for any FMV Sega CD fans like myself. You and your partners are the bug blasters, you must take back the city of L.A. which has been taken over by General Grub and his comrades like El Roacho the Spanish speaking cockroach. Which adds a lot of slapstick humor to the game. Also the video is very nice for FMV unlike a few other Sega CD games I have. It reminds me of a Sewer Shark and Midnight Raiders mixture. We should definitely thank for buying the rights to this previously unreleased game and selling it for us Sega CD fans. One of my favorite FMV games hands down.The game play is pretty short but still fun for FMV fans. Any person who dislikes FMV games stay away,otherwise bring on the bugs!

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Burning fists: Force Striker

This was a release, and it's a very weird game. First off all the cut scenes are in Japanese with no English subs so you can't understand anything, including the ending. The game itself is a simple one on one fighter with very odd characters. One character is Loki the Norse God, another is a ninja from Iraq... Just plain weird stuff. Anyway the fighting is EXTREMELY simple and repetitive. The graphics are decent at best but not nearly as cool as lets say mortal kombat or eternal champions. The moves consist of punches and kicks with some really goofy special attacks. Most of which are secrets and you have to figure out on your own. The music was forgettable also, nothing to good about this game. A little cool feature is that the missing clips from the game are watchable via pc. But shouldn't they just be in the game instead?

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Fast paced shooter/driving game. Very nice cartoonish graphics and a lot of fun with two players, one player drives while the other shoots. Besides the sound and graphics being very nice, the difficulty of the game bordered on frustrating. I found it to be more appealing with two players but it still made me want to throw the controller. An overlooked game with some fun and redeeming qualities.

Championship Soccer 94'

Probably the worst graphics I've ever seen on the sega cd. The players are so small and tiny you can hardly tell what's what. Every player looks exactly the same. The gameplay is easy to control and decently paced. I liked it better then World Cup Soccer and it was ok just very very simplistic and poorly animated.

Chuck Rock

Pretty cool side scrolling adventure platformer. Its got some nice visuals and its fun to be a caveman. Cool platform game if you like platformers. Kind of dated now, but was fun for it's time.

Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck

Cool platformer game, I enjoyed this game a little more then the original even though it's pretty much the same thing. A jumping platformer game.In this title you take on the role of baby Chuck and must rescue your father, who was the first game's protagonist.

Citizen X *Beta Version*

This game is in beta form so it's not finished but atleast I got to play some of it heh. Your a normal citizen in which you come across dead bodies in full fmv, you are then assigned by some Govt. agency to become an agent for a day with a new code name Citizen X. Clips are thrown at you in pretty nice looking but small fmv clips (in your wrist watch/inventory). The main point of the game is that you have fifteen minutes to foil the evil bio-warfare nerve gas dude's plot. You do lots of jumping and punching and can also use things in your inventory to gain health or blow up walls etc.. The game is fun in a sense but the sewer maze is a little on the hard side. It's pretty cool and worth checking out if your a sega cd freak. It's sort of like Flashback which is the only thing I can even think of comparing it to. The jumping is a little iffy because when you run you can't stop right away when you want to. The story is nutty to all high hell but it's funny to watch the bad acting none the less. It's a decent side scrolling game with some action thrown in the mix but has been pretty difficult for me so far. All and all it's worth checking out.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Cliff Hanger

Starring:Sly Stallone. A platformer shoot em' up. Walk on the side of snowy mountains and beat up bad guys. I guess sort of like double dragon to a degree. Fun game except the difficulty level is a bit high and there is no options to make it easier. If you enjoy the likes of Double Dragon or Bad dudes this would be a good game for you.

Cobra Command

Another shooter, in this game you just control the plane itself a tiny bit but most of the time you just control the shooting. The graphics are nice and look to be drawn very well. It's a pretty fun shooting game that most people will enjoy.

The Colors Of Modern Rock

Another NON-game game. There are six different videos you can pick from which you'd like to watch and then a little VCR type control comes on the bottom of the screen for you to skip past the videos,rewind,fast forward,etc. I had only heard of one band on the game which was Mr.Big. The most interactive thing is that you can take a snap shot of the video and go back and look at the little still shots you took from the video. That's it, no game, no fun, no nothing. It seems like it was just an item handed out to show the FMV technology of Sega CD. Also the control is over sensative so when you try to pick a video you can't push too hard or you'll keep skipping past the video you'd like to select.

Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

Wow,this is disturbing. And not in a good way... You move a hand on the screen to click different buttons, Sounds/Pictures/Articles. And then you pick which article or sound or what not and look at it/watch it play. The hand on the screen moves super slow,the loads are fairly bad and I don't even think this would help you with your homework.Let's hope it's the first and last encyclopedia on a gaming system. By the way this was re-released on JVC X eye as a pack in. I own both versions and they are very very similar and seem exactly the same for the most part but probably just have a little more up to date information. Either of them don't warrant a purchase unless you like looking up old articles in super slow motion.

Corpse Killer

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:6,Sound:7,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
You take aim in this shooter while FMV zombies run at the screen at you. When they hit the screen you take damage. So you, a Rastafarian driver, and a blond news reporter drive around and shoot the zombies to gain items or information to move on. Each board looks the same and after going back over and over to gain more items or to even help free your comrades from being zombies. It eventually gets way too repetitive. I enjoyed the game but only up to a point because it's so redundant. The acting is a little cheesy but you should recognize the mad scientist, Dr.Hellman from a few movies and bit parts. If you like FMV Cheese you will probably get a kick out of this, I know I did.

Crime Patrol

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:2,Graphics:7,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
It's a lot like all the other FMV shooters,once you've played one you've played em all. Your a cop and have to go on missions and shoot people in Full Motion Video. I found it to be not as fun as The Mad Dog Mcree Series but better than Who Shot Johnny Rock. I found this a little hard to come by, but really wasn't worth the search.

Dark Wizard

You are on a hex battle field and you must move,use magic, or get close and do battle. The gameplay itself is pretty fun but I haven't gotten into it totally and I still like Shining Force better. The anime cinemas are fantastic and everything works well together. I just didn't find this game to be as fantastic as people tell me it is, but it is pretty good. It had way to much strategy for my liking and I think Third World War is a better strategy game overall. If your a strategy or RPG fan you should like it fine, but I expected so much after hearing about it and I was a little let down.

Demolition Man

This is another Sly Stallone game. How many sega cd games was he in!? So anyway, the story is the same as the movie if you've seen it. The game play differs in stages. One stage takes places in the side scroll shooting/platform genre. While the next is a top down view of Stallone while you blast everything in site while picking up power-ups. I haven't gotten extremely far in it but I'm not quite sure how some of the later stages are. Nothing bad about the game at all and it has a very high fun factor. Very fast paced, a lot better then I expected. Total recommendation as a Sega CD game.

Double Switch

Type:FMV Mystery,Players:1,Graphics:10,Control:9,Sound:10,Gameplay:10,Overall:10.
One of my all time favorite games, similar to night trap in which you must capture the bad guys in full FMV (which looks pretty nice to boot). Great story with a very cool plot twist or two. Great soundtrack by Thomas Dolby, very spooky. The game play as I said is just like Night Trap but I enjoyed this game more. Plus the control is top notch for an FMV game. It stars Corey Haim (From The Lost Boys),Debbie Harry (from the group Blondie,) and R. Lee Ermey (Drill Instructor from Full Metal Jacket). The story is good and unravels great with some fun twists and turns. Definite must buy if you liked Night Trap or FMV games. But if you hate one or both stay away, it's really only for fans of the FMV genre.


This game for some strange reason just didn't click with me. Very nice graphics with some cool FMV clips in between. It's a side scrolling fighting game with not very many moves. Overall its an OK game but I don't recommend it. Beyond the graphics and sound being above par, the game becomes difficult and repetitive. It's an alright platformer, but only worth checking out if you are a big fan of the film.

Dracula Unleashed

Type:FMV Mystery,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:7,Sound:8,Gameplay:6,Overall:7.
This game reminds me of a B rated dracula film. It's all FMV and you have to go to different destinations at different times through out the game. If you fail to make it there at the corresponding time you can lose the game pretty quickly. You also find and use items you recieve but must use them at the correct place and correct time. It's more of a movie you can play through then a game. But i'm still a sucker for messing around with these so I enjoyed it to a degree. I also think it's quite difficult but decent for FMV/Vampire fans none the less.

Dragon's Lair

I didn't like this game in the arcade and it still doesn't appeal to me. It's a cartoon drawn game with nice graphics but looked grainy in this rendition. You have to push a button quickly during different points and you then move or hit depending on what you pushed. If you push the wrong button you die a horrible death, if you push the correct button at the right time you move onto the next "puzzle". You just kind of guess on which action to do by pushing a button. Maybe if you liked the arcade version you'll like this one but I know i didn't find it very appealing.


I've seen and liked the film, now here comes the game. It's a mix between first person adventure and a strategy game. You play as Paul Atreides and have to go from location to location while talking to different characters all while manning your troops & harvesting spice. The load times seem to be quick and I was impressed with the graphics and speech in the game. The lay out could be a little confusing with the selecting where you'd like to go next, however it's an excellent title for strategy buffs & I was very impressed with the visuals and sound.

Dungeon Explorer

Type:Action RPG,Players:4,Graphics:7,Control:9,Sound:8,Gameplay:9,Overall:8.
I really enjoyed this game , it was a refreshing version of an old classic. This game resembles the game Gauntlet a lot. Top down graphics, running around shooting bad guys, using magic and getting gold, it's great. It can even have up to four players. Besides being like Gauntlet it has more RPG characteristics, you can buy weapons/armor, and upgrade your character too. It has some pretty cool classes to pick from, Mage, Knight, Monk, Ninja etc. Very good just a little harder then I believe it should have been. Otherwise it's excellent, and any fan of top down games with rpg elements tossed in will love it.

Dungeon Master 2:Skullkeep

Type:First Person RPG,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:4,Sound:6,Gameplay:4,Overall:4.
A very bad first person RPG, confusing, with a cluttered interface, not a good combination. I'm not a huge fan of the first person RPG genre, you can get lost easily, and the combat is less than thrilling. If you don't mind first person RPGs you may find some redeeming value in this game, but I personally would rather play Popful Mail or Lunar.

Earthworm Jim:Special Edition

Type:Platform Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:9,Overall:9.
Earthworm Jim was released on a few different systems but why the special edition title with this one? Well first off there are different endings, a new weapon for jim to use,a new world and new hidden areas. On the back of the box it states that all the stuff Shiny couldn't fit onto the cart edition are on this game. Personally I feel if you own the cart don't bother,if your a huge earthworm jim fan or would like the complete package then give this game a shot it's a lot of fun. You take the role of a worm inside a special space suit. You wield a plasma gun and your own head which you use as a whip. The graphics are excellent and cartoon looking. The control is a snap but can get a tiny bit frustrating when trying to whip in certain directions. The sound also seems a little low/scratchy to me,I can't put my finger on it but I feel it could have been boosted a tiny bit more in the sound department. There are numerous power ups and health recovery icons for you to pick up along the way of your adventure. Crazy enemies and zany characters make this game pretty humorous. I personally never got far in the other Earthworm Jim so I haven't experienced any of the new special edition features. But alas this game is still excellent. I'm the last person in favor of platform games but this one is the cream of the crop. Straight fun for the whole family. Time to launch some cows!

Ecco The Dolphin

Confusing gameplay with weird dialogue. Control a dolphin and swim while shooting out radar. Seems ok at first but it's a very strange game with a complex story and weird mystical feel to it. You take the role of a dolphin named Ecco, and you have to talk to these floating crystals which give you strange messages. You have to complete the quests/puzzles the crystals give you. But Overall I wasn't really feeling the gameplay.

Ecco:The Tides Of Time

Seems to be just a souped up version of the original,nice looking etc... just very strange.Not for the younger gamers,maybe an older gamer would appreciate it more.

ESPN Baseball Tonight

I'm really not a baseball fan but this game i have to admit is quite good.Everything is smooth graphics wise and sounds.Besides being the only baseball game to grace this system its still very good and has some cool options,like home run derby!

ESPN National Hockey Night

I usually really enjoy hockey games but this one didn't seem to good.It seemed like a solid package at first but the game seems very drab and slow paced.If I were to pick a good hockey game on this system i'd go for NHL 94' it was much better then this.

ESPN NBA Hangtime 95'

2 on 2 Simulation B-ball nothing spectacular,I personally liked the old NBA Live games a lot more.Everything is just about average including the fun,no flashy dunks or anything really.It's pretty fun to mess around with but won't hold your attention to long.

ESPN Sunday Night NFL

If you like old school football games you'll like this one.If you've played one then you've played them all.Very similar to the other football games on this system but overall a pretty good game.Has pretty long load times.Second best football game on the Sega CD behind Bill Walsh's.

Eternal Champions:Challenge From The Dark Side

Another nice Sega CD title.If you've played the genesis version it is pretty much the same thing.Sort of a copy of Mortal Kombat with fatality type finishers.There are also cine-kills which are FMV deaths of your opponent but they are to hard and complex to even pull off. There are tons of characters and a good amount of secret ones also. Each character is extremely different then one another. I ask you in which other fighting game can you be a senator? lol. The game has nice amounts of blood and the fatalities are great. If you like 2d fighters like MK you need to try this.

Eye Of The Beholder

Type:First Person RPG,Players:1,Graphics:5,Control:3,Sound:6,Gameplay:6,Overall:4.
This game is pretty much the same as Dungeon Master:Skullkeep. Another first person D&D style rpg. Very weird,hard to understand and not a very good interface.Pretty decent graphics though.It's similar to the old fashion PC First person RPGS.


Type:FMV Adventure,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:6,Sound:8,Gameplay:8,Overall:8.
This game is similiar to Wirehead. directions or button presses pop up on the screen. You have to choose which direction you'd like to go in and try to rescue the victims inside of the area. The game can be a little frustrating due to it's difficulty, plus when you pick the direction it sometimes seems to go a different way then you would have liked. It can be fun once you get past it's quirks. If you like FMV and don't mind difficulty, I'd say to give it a shot. Plus for FMV the graphics seem less grainy and nicer than the normal Sega CD game.

Fatal Fury Special

Type:Fighting Adventure,Players:2,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
Remember the old classic Fatal Fury? Well here it is in special form on Sega CD. All the past characters from one and two are included with a total of 16 of them. The graphics are nice and 2d looking. The sound is decent, standard fare. Fun game and very similar to Samurai Shodown without weapons sort of. The only factor of the game I really did not enjoy, is this new background jumping type thing. Pushing the C button lets you jump to the background or foreground of the level, adding a 3d type moving effect. If you throw a fireball and the person just keeps jumping in and out of the fore and background it gets stupid and annoying. The game is all around fun but nothing spectacular. If you liked the Fatal Fury series I would definitely say to give it a whirl. Fighting fans will also like to see all their favorite characters back in the game. Solid title, just wish the background jumping aspect wasn't implemented into the game.

Fifa International Soccer

Nice little soccer game,cool graphics and its overall pretty quick.It could be a big blast with a friend and is even fun single player.

Final Fight CD

This game was the standard back when brawler games were big.Side scrolling fighting at its peak.Three characters to choose from each with distinct special moves and looks. Each character has different special moves and the graphics are very comic book like, with good sound and a fun two player game.Can you Rescue Haggar's daughter in time.Metro City awaits you.

Flashback:Quest For Identity

Type:Platform Adventure,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:8,Overall:8.
This was a Sega Genesis platform adventure game ported over to the Sega CD with added cinemas. The cinemas look grainy but they are still very nice. Game play itself is platform jumping and lots of it. But there is an adventure aspect in the game also, in which you need to collect items and shoot enemies. It can be frustrating due to puzzles and lots of jumping, but this is one solid game if I've ever played one. I used to like the other version(s) and this one is just as good. Very similar to Heart of the Alien/Out of this world which is also made by the same company. You play as a young man who is on an alien planet and you have lost your memory. You find items and clues along the way which complete the puzzle as to who you are. Great game,very fun and addicting.


Type:Platform RPG,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
Platform game with RPG elements.Your Flink an apprentice mage. On your quest you will obtain different items and spells while jumping on the bad guys to destroy them.Think Mario but with spells, not a bad title just a little kiddish.

Formula One Racing

Everyday racing game. The game has real drivers to race,the control is bad and the gameplay itself I didn't find fun at all. Not worth it one bit unless your some huge racing fan who must have every racing game.


This game is very close to deserving an 8.It's an rpg type game with fighting elements,you as Frankenstein's monster must make your way from town to town collecting items and completing tasks.Not fitting in with the normal folk doesn't help,and you stick out like a sore thumb.Can get very confusing and the fighting in the game is awkward.

Ground Zero Texas

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:9,Sound:8,Gameplay:9,Overall:9.
The whole game is in FMV and you must act quick disposing of Aliens disguised as humans. The game can be difficult at times, especially near the end I had to use some cheap tactics. It's similar to a Mad Dog Mcree, but in my opinion better. Not for everyone but if you enjoy FMV shooters you'll most likely get a few hours out of this game.

Heart Of The Alien: Out Of This World 1&2

If you've every played out of this world on snes or another system then you know what to expect. This game is both that game and the sequel Out of this world 2. In the first game you play as a young man on an alien planet and have to jump over things or squash/shoot things.It's mainly a puzzle game but it is also extremely similar to Flashback which is supposed to be some sort of unofficial prequel or sequel or something. It's a very difficult game that you will most likely be yelling at due to starting the level over a million times. Any small mistake you make be it a late jump or not ducking in time will show you a death scene with of course you ending up dead. Plus you have to babysit an alien while he follows you and make sure he doesn't die or get killed in any way. The graphics and sound are great and the control is so-so and can get a little annoying. Overall if you liked Flashback I'd definitely reccommend this one. Now for part two you take place of the alien (who accompanies you in part 1). It's mainly the same time of game with puzzles and jumping. Graphics are good along with sound, more like an add on with you as the alien instead of the boy. It's a very good and fun game,but it is very challenging,I don't mean hard like supreme warrior,I mean hard like you have to use your brain and think of other ways to get past things.


People normally compare this to the Legend of Zelda series, I wouldn't really say that but it's still a decent title. The graphics are alright but nothing spectacular, the camera angle reminds me of the older Ultima games, and the sound is pretty good but nothing very memorable unless you die or watch the intro lol. You choose your cast of Vikings and set sale to any island of your choosing. There are mini puzzles, first person fighting with a timing aspect involved, and magic and items to be found. The graphics look like cartoons and the difficulty was slightly up there for me, but if you enjoy action adventure RPGs and have some free time you may find something to like here.


Side scrolling platform game.You as Peter Pan must make your way through never never land and embark on a journey to destroy Hook the pirate.You can float and use a dagger and all that great stuff. The game isn't too much to look at but it's nice, and the music was ok also. It's not the best sega cd game, but it's decent and if you like these type of games, you should try it out.

INXS:Make My Video

Type:Music Making,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:6,Sound:8,Gameplay:5,Overall:5.
This game is not for everyone.You pretty much edit videos for people and try to do what they ask.If you do it correct you move on if not,you try try again.This is my favorite of the Make My Video series on Sega CD.Most likely because this is one of my favorite bands.The game play is being creative and coming up with your own mix on a video.You can also save the videos you make and show your friends, lol. Innovative idea that could have been implemented a little better. Also in these (Make My Video) games, the panel is a little cluttered on what your choosing to do to the video so you might do something by mistake a few times before you edit it the way you wanted it to be. You can do numerous things on the side panel,like flip parts of the video,switch video shots from the three your able to choose from, add green,red, or grays. Freeze frame it and so on. It's a little tough but sorta fun in it's own way.

Iron Helix

Type:FMV Adventure,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:5,Sound:6,Gameplay:5,Overall:5.
First person FMV game.You walk around a space ship trying to complete missions given to you. Very weird story line about a disease breaking out on the ship. The controls are ok overall but you move WAY to slowly after pushing a button. Sort of confusing and wasn't my cup of tea. I don't think it was good nor fun, just back up from the game and slowly grab snatcher or another good game off your shelf.

Jaguar XJ220

Probably the best car racing game on Sega CD.Handles,looks,and plays better than Formula One. Use your sports car to race around the track and beat the other contestants. You have to qualify first by beating a time,then just pick a music track to play during this race and your off!


Wheel of fortune tops the list as my favorite Sega CD game show game still.overall this game is good but the game is paced to slow,with semi-loads between buzzing in etc.But it's a pretty fun game that I enjoy playing from time to time when i feel like being on a game show heh.

Joe Montana NFL Football

An ok football game.Its cool to see Joe Montana in FMV give you playing tips on what you need to do to beat the other team.Very slow paced and i really didn't get into it at all.

Johnny Mnemonic

Type:FMV Quicktimes,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:5,Sound:8,Gameplay:5,Overall:6.
This was another title that Michael from had asked me to find for him, so he could buy the license and market eventually.Now if anyone knows me personally, I am a HUGE Johnny Mnemonic fan. I love the short story, I love the cheesy film, and the Japanese cut of it as well. I originally owned this game on the PC years ago, it was so old that it required you to put in an old version of Quicktime to run it, even a new one wouldn't work! This game is the exact same game from the PC, but with much worse graphics. While the PC is able to do a vast array of colors, the Sega CD was obviously very limited. With that being said I was still very excited to try this game. It pretty much plays like Wirehead on Sega CD if you have any experience with that one? It's a first person FMV title where you have to push buttons during the scenes to make the character take different actions. Like go to the next room, throw a punch, etc. The issue with this game is two fold.

I believe this was a very early prototype, as the graphics are full screen and not shrunk down to let's say the half size we are used to with the Sega CD. So the graphics are completely blurry and washed out, where normally them shrinking the size means they would also clean it up. So that kind of stinks, because it could be gorgeous, just wasn't because the coding had never been done to clean up the visuals at all. Secondly, when giving "just" Johnny a command, there aren't any prompts at all. The only telling sign to do so is that the screen will go from full screen, to letter box and have black borders at the top and bottom. Kind of like a Blu-ray or DVD. There are no options of what you can and can't press, and if you don't pay attention to the letterbox visuals you are screwed. I died so many times that I eventually got frustrated, and hadn't even left the first room in the game. I even tried using the limited walkthroughs for the PC version I had found on the net, but that didn't seem to help much. Being a big fan I was hoping for a decent Sega CD port, sadly between the control prompts not being there, and the horribly blurry and over saturated visuals I can't really recommend this title. It is a prototype, so it's fun to have and mess with, but I couldn't see playing it for an extended period of time, it's an eye killer. Sorry Johnny, you lost your head.

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Jurassic Park

The graphics are awesome and the game itself is a Shooter/Adventure Hybrid with some puzzle thrown in for good measure. Your plane crash lands in Jurassic Park and the rest is up to you. Gather clues, get different weapons, even steal Dino eggs heh. Very innovative game and big Kudos to Doug Opus for coming up with something this cool.

Keio Flying Squadron

Type:Anime Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:9,Sound:9,Gameplay:7,Overall:8.
What do you get when you mix anime with a bunny girl riding a dinosaur? Keio Flying Squadron on Sega CD! The game itself is good and fast paced with a pretty good level of difficulty for a shooter. The characters and levels are weird and the enemies make you think about what these people were on when they came up with ideas for the game. The graphics are a little flat but still nice, and the anime cut scene's are pretty good but don't ever have enough motion in them. There are numerous power-ups to collect and it's a pretty fun romp through each level. It might not be worth the going rate for this rare gem, but it's still pretty damn good. But it's no Snatcher ;)

Kids On Site

This is a FMV game aimed towards the younger audience. You watch construction videos of people who tell you how to operate one of four machines,and they do a little slapstick/goofy comedy routine as well. Two of the buttons move the machine and the other does the action like running over crushed ice to make coffee slushies for the workers. Not for anyone over the age of like 5 and it's not really even a game. You just push one button to crush/smash something.

Kriss Kross:Make My Video

Type:Music Maker,Players:1,Graphics:5,Control:5,Sound:1,Gameplay:5,Overall:3.
Can you say one hit wonder boys and girls?I can.This game is just as all the other Make My Video titles.Except this features the group Kriss Kross...Exactly my point.Who in their right mind would want to mix there own Kriss Kross video.I'll pay anyone five dollars who can understand the lyrics. (LOL)

The Lawnmower Man

This game is pretty strange, it has scenes and the story line from the movie. It's about a Lawnmower guy named Jobe who goes into some virtual reality world made by a Dr.Angelo. Jobe becomes alarmingly strong and gets some kind of grasp on the Virtual world and can do bad things now etc, etc. Anyway as Dr.Angelo you must go into the virtual world and stop cyber jobe aka the lawnmower man. Each level is a different mini game so to speak. In the first you must steer a space craft through a tunnel, with hardly any interaction it's not too good. You just push a direction when it says to on the screen. In the second stage you have to brake some sort of code by picking different symbols. Each stage differs from one another drastically. This doesn't seem really like a game at all, just a bunch of mini games thrown together and called a game. It's not horrible, but its FAR from good. Pretty cool graphics and FMV, the music didn't catch my attention and the interaction is extremely limited. Pass it up and just get a better Sega CD Game =). I remember playing this on the computer years ago, I'm pretty sure it was the same game. So don't touch the PC version either lol.

Lethal Enforcers

Fun first person one or two player shooting game.Nice graphics that make you (sorta) feel like your there.Shoot the bad guys and don't get shot! Similar to lets say maddog mcree.

Lethal Enforcers 2:Gun Fighters

Same as the original,except now your a cowboy.Strap on your chaps and get ready to shoot you some bandits.

Links: The Challenge Of Golf

See im not a golf fan and im really not into the "sport" so thats the reason the gameplay is pretty low,also its golf...I mean its not like face paced basketball or even hard swinging baseball.It's just golf lol. The FMV's in this game though are the best I think I've ever witnessed on a sega cd game.If you like golf you might want to give it a try.

Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:9,Control:7,Sound:7,Gameplay:8,Overall:7.
You are Tully Bodine who seems to be some kind of illegal cargo delivery man. The game plays similar to Sewer Shark. Bad directions and all, I can never seem to make it to the end of even level one. One button changes direction of the vehicle. Another throws up a shield for protection, and the third shoots at the robot cops who are chasing you. If I were able to make it further than perhaps I would give it a better score. But the way it is now it's just a very hard on rails shooter. Decent, but hard. Plus there it stars Ned Beaty from Deliverance fame as well. So it practically gets a point just for that. ;)

Lords of Thunder

Very fun side scrolling shooter. Your a guy who wears armor which in turn makes you fly. You get to shoot enemies while you fly and can spend money in a store and buy different items and armor. The armor differs from the elements, like water,fire and earth etc.Cool sounds,nice graphics ,very good game!

Lunar:Eternal Blue

This is the second game in the Lunar RPG series. The game is strikingly similar to Lunar Silver Star. The main character Hiro is a young boy who resembles Alex from the first game, and he has a side kick baby dragon who resembles Nall from the first game also. The game starts you off in a great treasure hunt inside of some ancient ruins. Things go awry and the story is told from Hiro's stand point. The intro before that however is great with nice animations and sound. The music is good, and the graphics are still small and 16bit looking. The game play is very similar to the first but takes place way ahead of Silver Star. If you liked or loved Silver Star definitely get this game. If you disliked it, don't bother because its so similar it wouldn't change your mind about the series. Overall it's a great RPG and I'd recommend it to any rpg fans who have Sega CD.

Lunar:Silver Star

Many people say this is their favorite RPG, I for one think its pretty darn good,but got so much praise because the Sega CD didn't have many RPGs. The graphics are very 16bit and small, the sound is very nice for an rpg and adds to the "happy" atmosphere and the game play itself is very standard RPG fare but I like it a lot better than Vay. You can't go wrong with the Lunar series if you like "Old School" RPGs.

Mad Dog Mcree

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:7,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
Great FMV Shooter,funny and has some cool interaction.It might take a little while to get fast with the normal genesis controller but overall its a good arcade to sega cd conversion.

Mad Dog Mcree:The Lost Gold

Type:FMV Shooter,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:8,Gameplay:9,Overall:8.
I liked it better then the first.Very fun FMV shooter with good graphics and sound.Makes you sorta feel like your really there.There are also three paths you can choose to reach the "Treasure".Very challenging at some points.

Mansion Of Hidden Souls

It's a good game with a pretty strange story and it will spook you out if you play it late at night,not really scary just strange. You have to walk around this mansion and unravel the clues of your sister's disappearance. It's mainly solving puzzles in first person view but You'll also be confronted by talking butterflies (I kid you not). The ending was bad in my opinion but the game itself was good even though linear for an adventure title. Good game though if you like to be spooked out especially.


This was another release by GDG and oldergames. This is a fun little platformer where you take your magic soccer ball and hit the bad guys on screen with it. You can head butt the ball or kick it a couple different ways. I like how the ball magically appears in front of your before you go for a kick and if it gets stuck somewhere you can always get it back. The graphics are nice and look like a Saturday morning cartoon with some funny little cut scenes in between levels. The controls are good but doing the three different hits with the ball can get annoying because you want to get them off quickly but can't seem to. The game itself is fun and I like the levels and characters. This game is probably better for the younger audience, but aren't all platformers for the most part? Good solid title if your a platform junkie =).

If you would like to see me trying out this game, you can check it out on my YouTube Page - here

Marky Mark:Make My Video

Type:Music Maker,Players:1,Graphics:6,Control:6,Sound:2,Gameplay:3,Overall:3.
Oh god. Not that these games are bad,they are overall decent if your a creative person and LIKE the music of the particular band.But i mean come on Marky Mark for god's sake...Good sound quality but who wants to hear Marky Mark sing? Plus why does the band you can choose to help you make a video look and sound exactly like Bill and Ted??

Masked Rider:Kamen Zo

Type:FMV Timing/Adventure,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:8,Sound:6,Gameplay:7,Overall:8.
This game isn't for everyone,its pretty much you just have to push a button quickly as it pops up onto the screen.The dubbing is horrible in which they have japanese mouths moving to english words.Graphics and everything are nice and i really enjoyed this game,the fighting is cool as hell to watch!


Mega Race is of course a racing game, but in the future. Nice backgrounds and graphics for a Sega CD title. In the gaem you must outrace and out shoot the other opponents. It's all commentated by this strange guy in very good looking fmv who seems to be the host of this show in which you are starring. Overall it's decent, not amazing but sort of fun!

Mickey Mania

Now,I know what your thinking.How could someone actually like a game starring Mickey Mouse.Well in this game you'll find some great graphics and a lot of good ol' platform action.The first stage was great to watch where it is a remake of Mickey's first cartoon Steam Boat Willy.The sounds are great and this is a must have for any platform lover.


Inside of a human body in a space pod sounds pretty cool and it is in a sense.That's what Microcosm is,while the game is another shooter and it seems to be ok overall I couldn't get past the fact even though the things went close to the screen as in 3D it was just plain annoying and I couldn't tell weather i was going to get hit into or not.Decent shooter,nothing great.But it is cool to see the inside of the human body inside a ship.

Midnight Raiders

I replayed this game the other day and decided to change around the review and score a bit. I still enjoy it like I used to but I do have some qualms. The game is an FMV shooter which takes place in air, on foot, and in a jeep in the final scene. It plays sort of like a Mad Dog Mcree title. Where things jump out and you have to shoot them before getting shot at. However I did find it to be much more forgiving then Mad Dog in some areas. However, one big downside to this game is that it can get pretty hard and if you run out of bullets the manual doesn't explain how to reload correctly. If you drop the cursor to the bottom right of the screen a few bullets will pop up, you then have to place the cursor over those bullets and shoot. Which will then re-load your gun(s). You only have a certain amount of bullets and reloads so try not to waste them all at once. The graphics were good for the time, and the characters were amusing. Especially David L. Crowley who also plays what looks like the same role in Tomcat Alley. It's a short game with no replay value unless you change the difficulty level I guess. The ending is nothing to write home about but overall it's a goofy and very cheesy game with some decent action to keep you interested.

Mighty Mighty Missile

Type:Puzzle Timing,Players:4,Graphics:5,Control:7,Sound:5,Gameplay:7,Overall:6.
Ever play chu chu rocket for dreamcast? If not here's your chance... sorta. This is a fun little game where you put arrows down to make the mice move in that direction, the point is to get the mice into home base without the cat making you lose points. Whoever gets the most mice into home base before time is up wins. The multi player aspect is fun but single player is alright too. The difficulty increases the further you get into the game and if you liked chu chu rocket,this seems like a pretty much direct bite off of it =). The only problem about the game is an audio bug that couldn't be fixed so the sound is a little wonky and doesn't always sound correct. But I knew that before I bought it heh. Either way its a solid little puzzle game which would be good for younger kids and adults alike who like a challenge.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Type:FMV Timing,Players:1,Graphics:8,Control:7,Sound:8,Gameplay:7,Overall:7.
It's another game where buttons pop up on the screen and you have to push them quickly before they disappear. It's to hard for little kids and older ones probably wont want to play it.I'm glad I didn't pay to much for it because its really just an interactive type movie,Like Masked Rider =)

Mortal Kombat

Its the same game as in the arcades. 2D fighter with pretty nice graphics and all around game play. Its a classic.Beat up the other guy then show him his spleen.

My Paint

This game is pretty much a virtual coloring book,you pick a picture and color it in using different tools.It's definitely a kids game and the little ones should enjoy it a lot,but for anyone over the age of 7 use caution,unless you really like to color.

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