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Sega CD Hall Of Fame

My Personal Favorites
2.Double Switch
3.Rise Of The Dragon
4.Sewer Shark
5.The Adventures Of Willy Beamish
6.Wire Head
7.Ground Zero Texas
8.Night Trap

Best RPG Games
1.Lunar:Silver Star
2.Popful Mail
3.Lunar: Eternal Blue
4. Shining Force CD
5. Vay

Best Adventure Games
2.Rise Of The Dragon
3.The Adventures Of Willy Beamish
4.Jurassic Park
5. Cobra: The Space Adventure

Best Fighting Games
1.Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side
2.Mortal Kombat
3.Samurai Shodown
4.Brutal:Paws Of Fury

Best Entrapment Games
Double Switch
2.Night Trap

Best FMV Shooter
1.Sewer Shark
2.Ground Zero Texas
3.Bug Blasters:The Exterminators
4.Midnight Raiders
5.Corpse Killer
6.Mad Dog Mcree 2:The Lost Gold

Best Sports Games
1.NBA Jam
2.Slam City
3.Bill Walsh's College Football

Games That Weren't Really Even Games
1The Colors Of Modern Rock
2The Animals
3.Compton's Encyclopedia
4.Sega CD Hot Hits CD-G
5.Kid's On Site
6.NFL's Greatest San Franciso Vs Dallas

Best Platform Games
1.Sonic CD
2.Earthworm Jim:Special Edition
3.Three Ninjas
4.Wild Woody
5.Mickey Mania
6.Chuck Rock 2
7.Heart Of The Alien

Hardest Games
1.Supreme Warrior
2.The Adventures Of Willy Beamish
3.Star Strike
4.Ground Zero Texas
5.Corpse Killer
6.Citizen X *Beta* (that damn maze grrr)

Easiest Games
1.Bug Blasters:The Exterminators
2.Revenge Of The Ninja
3.Masked Rider:Kamen ZO

Best Music In A Game
1.Rise Of The Dragon
3.Double Switch
4. The Adventures Of Willy Beamish
5. INXS:Make My Video (Yes I'm a huge INXS fan ;)
6.Lunar:Silver Star
7.Lunar:Eternal Blue

Best Shooter
(And We All Know On Sega CD There Are A TON!)

1.Lords Of Thunder
3.Robo Aleste
4.Android Assault
6.Battle Frenzy

Best Racing Games
1.Racing Aces
2.Road Rash
3.BC Racers
4.Super Monaco GP (On Sega Classics 5in1 Disc)

Best Button Pressing Games
1.Wire Head
2.Masked Rider: Kamen Zo
3.Road Avenger

Coolest Enemies
1.Bahumat From Rise Of The Dragon
2.Snatchers From Snatcher
3.Commissioner Stenchler From Sewer Shark
4.General Grubb From Bug Blasters: The Exterminators
5.Miss Glass From The Adventures Of Willy Beamish

Coolest Allies
1.Napolean From Snatcher
2.Metal Gear From Snatcher
3.Ghost From Sewer Shark
4.Random Hajile From Snatcher
5.The "Jake" From Rise Of The Dragon
6."Grandpa" From 3 Ninjas
7.The "Old Asian Man" In The Alley In Rise Of The Dragon
8.Catfish From Sewer Shark
9.Horny From The Adventures Of Willy Beamish

Coolest Cameos
1. The Cameo By Other Konami Characters In Snatcher.
(Simon Belmont, Count Dracula, Goemon, Sparkster,
the Contra team, and Mr. Ueda from Lethal Enforcers.)

The PC Engine Version
(Planet of the apes? The guyver, masked rider, and an alien...?)

2.The Drunk In The Alley In Rise Of The Dragon

Strangest Sega CD Quirks
1. The Same Exact Actor in Tomcat Alley And Midnight Raiders,
popping up in both games in an angry fashion and flooring my friend and I.
(Thank you David L. Crowley for burning yourself into my brain during childhood!)

2.The Number Nine Reference On Some
Sega CDs Played On Track 2 Backwards

Coolest Death Scenes
(Possibly A Connection between the two?)

1. Jean Jack Gibson's Decapitation in Snatcher.
2.Sub Zero's Fatality In Mortal Kombat

Big thanks to Keith(NoNeed41) For this cool idea.