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Knights of Kindness Haven of Hope

What I Hope You'll Find

Updated Oct26,1999

I would like to welcome all to the Knights of Kindness Haven of Hope. This group is here to support victims and survivors of Domestic Violence. We also have members familiar with other forms of abuse. This page will be changing often in the next few weeks as I gather some poetry, and a few links to pages of valuable information and comfort. I have placed these links on The Haven's Link Page. I am also including links for other types of abuse here. The way to combat abuse is through education. Education isn't always gained from books, it also comes from life experiences. I will also include links to survivors pages. These will be to give hope. If at any time you find that a link is not working,on this page or on the Haven's Links page, please e-mail me and let me know. Within the next couple of weeks we also will have group support meetings online. This is to give you an area where you can speak freely. No one is going to sit in judgement!

In case you're wondering who I am, I'm a member of an internet group known as the Knights of Kindness. We have vowed to change the world-a smiling face at a time. We have a network of many wonderful people reaching out to give support in many areas. This area is for victims of abuse, specifically Domestic Violence, but we will turn no one away with any abuse issue. Abuse does not discriminate, it's found in all classes of society, all income groups, all ages and sexual orientations. The is a sad fact but true. We have seen the need for such a group to help deal with and this is our reply to that need.

Knights of Kindness Haven of Hope is a self empowerment domestic violence support group. We are not licensed counselor's....and although we will do everything in our power to provide you with resources, friendships, support and assistance we cannot and will not claim to be a substitute for professional, clinical assistance.

I'd like to thank Steven aka BaddTeddy for his faith in me. Steven, I'll do my best. I really believe that we can make some changes in this world by working togetherWe believe in working together.

If you would like to join our group, please e-mail Please put <3Domestic Violence in the subject line. She has the standard disclaimer that we must use. Volunteers must be Knights, but anyone is welcome to join for group support. I feel that I must put in a word of caution here. If your e-mail is not safe, there are web-based e-mail accounts available. Hotmail is one, Yahoo another. To access these you must go to the site to download. They're not automatic like AOL. If you use this method, don't leave your user name and password laying around. This is for your safety. You also might want to check old mail and sent mail on your e-mail accounts. Delete anything that you don't want someone with access to your account to see. Another wise thing to do is go into your temporary internet files and delete them. These files show where you've been on the web.If you are in danger now, contact the authorities!The number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Treecie and Shawna, your generous offer of help is the type of thing that makes groups like ours so wonderful to work with. You jumped right in and asked what you can do to help. I'm so thankful to all of you. Jenn, you showed us that there was a need for our group. I may just have to ask for your help with graphics. You've done so wonderfully with Paint Shop Pro.(For the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the chisel tool!) The bottom line is, we would like to provide you with some peace in your life. No one has to be alone, no one should have to feel alone. Life's journey can be tough at times, especially when you are in a situation of domestic violence or trying to leave one. We care and want you to know that you're not alone in this.

Like many of you, I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I use the word survivor on these pages, because through the grace of God I have managed to heal. I've had the support of my present husband and some wonderful friends. I guess you can call them my support network. I also have a strong belief in a loving, caring God, and this saw me through the dark times when I had first started making so many changes in my life. Today, I don't have the fear of being stalked or harassed in any way. That wasn't always the case, but that time is over. I also believe in sharing my experience with others. I am not a liscensed counselor but I do work the Domestic Violence hotline in my area and also facilitate support groups. I know many of the fears and am willing to share what worked for me.

I feel that I have to stress a fact here. When someone reaches out for a helping hand and support, she is making the steps to get herself out. No one else has the right to take credit for this, or take it from her. She made the decision, she took the steps that she was comfortable with. No one else could do this for her, it was her call to make! I work a hotline. Someone calls me because she, or in a few instances he, is ready to take come kind of action. I am not responsible for them getting out, I'm just a tool that they use. I am a go-between for them. I'm also a listening post for someone who just needs an ear. The caller is taking the steps, not me. I can't make decisions for them. Well, that's the way I work here, and what I believe wholeheartedly. I'm not a pro but I do have resources to share, as do others. This page is for all to find a little space of peace. Not only for those in the situation, but their friends and families.

I am a very proud member of the Knights of Kindness! We're a worldwide group dedicated to making lives a bit happier. Click on the animated globe to be transported to our own BaddTeddy's homepage! Here you will learn more about us! You will also be givin an opportunity to join us here. We have members from all over the globe, from all walks of life. Right now we're also busy trying to form a group for younger members. There are so many wonderful caring teens out there. It's about time the world sees this. We always hear when they mess up, but they also need recognition for the good that they do.

The person I owe the most thanks to is my husband Kevin. He has supported me in all of my efforts both online and off. He's put up with my complaining about slow connect rates, inability to access the web, etc. as I've been working on this site. Thanks Kev, for being you. I wouldn't have been able to do this without your support, and kind shoulder. Your love has given me strength to carry on my dreams. I've dreamed so long of forming a network of support for others like me! Now I have the opportunity to widen that network, thanks to you and Steven. This means more to me than you will ever be able to imagine.

Here are the names of the Knights who have offered to be contacts, they're all wonderful women. I have worked with each of them on various projects. E-mail or IM them for info. This is their dream too! They'll be more than happy to give you the necessary information.

Haven4Hope@aol.comThis is me!


I had within me a tiny box...
Where I stored hopes and dreams.
Hidden away from others,
Where I thought they'd be safe...
From prying, laughing eyes.
Oh!!! What a mistake I had made,
Keeping these treasures locked up.
They had no room to grow,
No chance to bloom.
Hidden away, even from me!
I took that box out in the sun,
And broke those chains one by one.
Setting those hopes and dreams free,
Letting them unite with me.
And one by one, they reached a goal,
Of making this person finally whole!
ęSheila3444 1999 used with permission

I have the permission of the author to include this piece of poetry here. Thank you so much John, you're a sweetie!

Update. . .On Feb.6th, 2000, I lost my friend John, but feel I have gained an angel in heaven praying for me. I miss you dear friend, you gave much of yourself to others. . . and especially to me. Your instincts were right on the mark, you knew human nature well. Rest now dear friend, for I'll surely keep you busy when we meet again ; ).

Thank you so much for this award Sass! I'm proud to call you friend.

5/18/01 Today I opened my mailbox to find an award from Transitions Daily. Thank you so much for this award. Leaving a domestic violence relationship is difficult for many and it is a huge change of lifestyle. I often use methods similar to those used in AA when working with victims/survivors of DV. You see we have to recover many of the same values. Many of us have to recover that sense of well being, our self esteem. . .as in AA the steps are simple, not always easy, but very much worth it! Thank you for this award, my page wears it proudly!

The following are resources and links for you to further explore! I owe a great deal of thanks to Tina for these links. She worked hard to find them. Teddy and Treecie have been hard at work also, I have another page of links following this one!

Domestic Violence Handbook

State Coalitions Located on the Links Page

Tammy's Story

The ABC's of Men who Batter

The Pain of Spousal Abuse

Family Support Network

Men and Domestic Violence Index

The above site is specifically for men's resources when they are abused.

The National Vicitm Center

The Divorce Support Pages

Female Vicitms of Violent Crimes

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Vicitms Services, Domestic Violence Shelter Tour


A Christian Healing

Violence at Home

Same Sex Domestic Violence

Ending Violence Against Rural Women

Gay and Lesbian Domestic Violence

Gay and Lesbian National Hotline

My Favorite Web Sites

Haven's Links Dealing With Abuse
Women's Rural Advocacy Programs
American Bar Association
Inspirational Poetry
Wonderfully Serene place to visit, please do!