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Welcome to Derange's World of Malkavian


Maybe you're wondering how you stumbled across this little slice of reality. Perhaps you were surfing and crashed here by accident. Maybe you just have this urge to delve inside a mind of madness. Either way, you've come here, and it would behoove you to remain, I'm thinking.

 My name is Derange, and this is a lesson in my insanity, as well as the insanity of others. Partially brought to you by White Wolf Studio's ®, as they were the ones to put a label to what I am. To what many of us are, those who never quite agreed with the term "insane."

 Maybe you're sitting there, thinking in your heads that I don't exactly appear insane. Well, you're correct. I don't "appear" insane, but somehow "they" knew I was. "They" took advantage of the fact that my brain is Fucked Up. It's okay. I deal with it as best as I can, and I manage to have some fun in the process.

 You have some options here, as you are the ones that I am writing this out to. I know all there is to know about being a Malkavian. Perhaps you just want a glimpse into something more real than you're capable of dealing with.


Here, are your selections:


Hey, tell me about you, Derange!
Now, tell me your whole story, Derange
What's this White Wolf Stuff?
Hey, are there any other Malkavians out there? I wanna read their stories
Where can I get more information about Malkavians?
I want to send my story, where do I go to find out how?
Just who are "they?"


You are number to be affected

Let me know you were here. Even if you're one of "them" Guestbook by GuestWorld Take a look at others who have come around


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