After talking to the owl, head back up. Head to the castle entrance and go down three screens and then right. Attack the bush and go down the stairs. Use your boots to smash through everything. Exit through the other side. Go down and then right into the animal village. Go down three screens and then right to talk to the walrus blocking your path. Make sure you get the honeycomb by giving Tarin the stick out on the prairie and trade it to the guy in the animal village. Head back to the main village. First make a stop at the building with three blocks around the entrance. Go in and then hop in bed. Go around and kill the guys by using your swirl attack with the sword. Once you make it around go up to get 100 rupees. Use the boots on the rock and then up again to get the ocarina. Now exit out of there. Head to the alligatorís house on the beach. Now go two screens right and one down. Talk to Marin there. Bring her back to the walrus and surprise it. Head into the desert and then go up two screens. Giant Worm:This thing is extremely simple, just hit in the head when it pops out. Get the key, and if you can avoid falling. Now go to Marin and talk to her your ocarina out to learn her song. Back to the entrance of level two you go! Talk the top path right until you reach the keyhole, itís a long way. Now go back to the last stairs you passed. Go up and then in the cave. Make your way through the cave and out the right door. Go over and in the next cave. Again, go through the cave. When you get out trade the man the pineapple. Now go back down using the jump a screen over. Now go right until you see the cliff. Jump off of it! Into level four you go. In the second room kill all the creature to open the door(flip over the ones with your shield). Once again kill the creatures, then get the compass and go down. Get the key, but you donít have to kill them all. Go back up and open the right door. Donít bother going in, go back to the left. Follow the top path until you reach a pit. Use the boots and feather together again. In the next room, bomb the first block, and push the other one to get the key. Go up twice and bomb the block to get another key. Go back to the room that you unlocked but didnít go in. Go through and go in the next door. Go up and jump over the pits. Open the key block and push the next one forward. Go to the right, kill the guys, and then down. Head down and make your way across the bottom shallow waters. Get to the end of it, and go up two screens. Go right, get the key and head back to the locked door you saw earlier. Sub-boss 4:This guy isnít very hard. Just get to the top-side and hit him when he tries to come after you. He should turn around and try the other side. If he gets you stuck in the corner, donít move just sit there with your sword out. Now head up. Use the power bracelet to pull the thing so you can open the left door. Go left and get the flippers! Go back t where you saw the five panels with the deep water. Step on them in order to open some stairs. Go down the stairs and go across and exit. Go down to get the nightmareís key. Now head to where you saw the key fall, go right and down the stairs. Get the key in here and leave. Go back to where the shallow water was at the bottom of the screen. Swim up and hit the switch to go in the door. Open the key block and go down the stairs. Go across and out. Open the nightmare door and go down the stairs. Nightmare 4:Swim across and stab him over and over and over with you sword. Dodge when he charges. If you have the bow, use that instead. Go back, and then up to get the fourth instrument.