Now head back to the village and go to Bow-Wow's house. Talk to the lady and leave. Now if you don't have the bananas head down to the beach. Go to the house with the alligator. Trade the dog food with him. Go out to the prairie. Head a long distance east to the castle. You may want to use the library map to find it because I'm not going to explain the whole trip there. Once you get to the entrance head to the right and talk to the monkey. Give him the bananas and head up the new bridge(he left a stick!). Chop down some bushes to find a secret entrance to the castle. Once out head left. Pick up a pot and throw it at the tree with the bird. Now kill it and get a golden leaf. Head to the right side now. Kill the guy that pops out of the pits to get another leaf. Head inside the castle. Head left and kill all the creatures for #3. Go up and to the right. Step on the switch. Now head up the stairs which you probably saw. Once out bomb the right scripture and kill the guy for another leaf. Now head over and down. Once outside enter the smaller entrance to the right. Throw a pot at the door. Go in, kill the guy, and leave the castle. Now that you have the 5 leaves, head to the hut you probably saw in the Ukuku Prairie. Go in talk to Richard and give him the five leaves. Now go through the tunnel, and at the end of his field in front of the owl, dig. You should get the Slime Key. Now head back around his house and use the key. Now circle back around to the lake. Use the feather to jump across the islands. Now you are ready for the third dungeon. Once inside, pick up a pot and throw it against the door. Kill everything in the next room to get a key. Go up(right path) and kill the next creatures, you don't need to open the chest. Continue north and go through the stairs. Go through the right door, the others are a waste of your time and have nothing valuable. You don't have to kill the creatures in the next room, just go through the stairs. Once in the next room, kill five creatures that pop up from the floor to get another key. Go up and to the right. Kill the creatures so the doors open. Sub-Boss 3:These aren't hard at all. You need six bombs minimum. Place a bomb and then pick it up by hitting the button again, and when they go in a corner, throw it at them. Repeat until they're dead. Go right, and around the side. Move the lower block left, and the upper one up. You now have the Pegasus Boots! Move the lowest block right and then go down. Go back up and left and up again. Kill everything in the room and go right. Place a bomb on the center of the right wall. Kill the bombs in the next room and get the key. Head back and put a bomb where the arrow points. Use the boots and feather in a combination for the next two jumps to get the nightmare key. Go back to the room with the door before the sub-boss. Go through the right door and kill all the creatures. Get the key and head up. After that, head back to the beginning of the stage(portal). Go to the right and run across to kill the eye thing. Get the key. Go back through the portal and head down. Go through the four key blocks and in the stairs. Ram the giant block with the boots. Use the feather and boots to make the next jump. Kill the creatures and continue. Go up and see the boss. Nightmare 3:Ram the wall to make it fall down. Then ram it with your boots and sword until it breaks in half. Now just hit the parts over and over until it dies. Go up and get the next instrument.