Once out head left and talk to the owl. Now head back to the town. You will hear about Bow-Wow. Head in the direction of the witch's hut. When you see the pits jump over them and you will eventually find a cave. Head into the cave. Kill all the moblins and save Bow-Wow. Giant Moblin:Simple, just dodge his arrows and wait for him to charge, then dodge him. Once he hits the wall hit him with your sword. Repeat. Go to the swamp(go past where you got the tail key) and head into the door with 5 plants around it. Head in and go north. Sprinkle the dust in the 2 holes. The door will open, go through. Kill the two skeletons and grab the key. Go right and hit the crystal ball. Now head down. Hit the crystal ball in this room diagonally and get the key in the chest. Head right and go to the crystal ball hit it and you will have stepped on a switch, giving another chest to open. Go up. Don't worry about getting the key if you kill these two, you don't need it. Continue the path and use the key on the door. Push the squares together and go down the stairs. Jump across and go up, you will get a fast glimpse of the room. Use it to get across or light the wells. Kill the sub-boss and go right. Sub-boss 2:Just hit him with your sword. But don't get too close or too far away or he's gonna get mad. Go to the north door in the room. Now, this part may seem hard but is actually simple, don't worry about the chest just go up and into the next door. Go right and kill the ghosts by lighting one of the wells. You now have the Power Bracelet! Lift the pots at the bottom of the screen where you came in and go right. Lift a pot and throw it at the crystal ball. Now go across, open the chest and hit the crystal ball again. Don't jump back across just go right. Go right and down. This is where you get nightmare key and is tricky. First, lift a pot and move the squares to get the rabbit. Now attack the bat with your sword. Finally, lure the mask guy to the right wall and hit him with a pot. Voila! Now go up and right. Go down the stairs. Go across and on the second screen lift the pot to make the lift thing go down. Now in the next room go up and it's time to fight the boss. Nightmare 2:At the very beginning dodge his attacks and wait for him to go back into his bottle. When he's in it hit it with your sword, pick it up, and smash it on the wall. Do this 3 times. Now just walk along the wall until he starts floating around after you. Hit him a couple of times and he'll eventually die. Kill him and you get another instrument of the sirens.