Once you start, talk to Tarin at the side of the house. He'll give you your shield. Now head out and go left. Once you see the well, head south. If you want stop at the library and read some of the moves. Once you're out of the town, head south for 2 screens and then head right 1 screen. You should see spiny creatures. Take out your shield and don't let go. Push the 2 next to each other south until you can walk by. Go right a screen. Do the same thing with the next 2 spiny creatures. Go south and go to your sword. Talk to the owl and pick up the sword. Stay on the beach until you have 10 rupees. Head back to the village. Now head back to the village, and go to the trendy game(From Tarin and Marin's house, 1 left and 1 down). Go in and pay the owner and go up to the dials. B moves the crane right and A moves the crane left. Either get the yoshi doll or try for the rupees(They may give you trouble so I suggest Yoshi). Once you have the yoshi doll leave and head up 3 screens. Go to the left until you reach a huge house. Go inside and talk to the lady, give her the yoshi doll. Now head back to the house with Bow-Wow(the big bomb thing with teeth), go inside the smaller part. Talk to the dog and give him the ribbon. Now head back to where you saw the well, and head upwards. Once you have left the village you will talk to the owl again. Head up 1 screen. Kill the moblins if you want, then head right a screen. Head up and then right again. Now enter the cave and go north. Head on the 1 way path and push the rocks out of the way, its easy to figure out how, but if you don't get it leave the screen and come back. Exit the cave and pick up the mushroom. Now head back through the cave and out the other side. Go north 2 screens and take 2 rights after that. Go down 2 screens again and head right. Go in the witch's hut and talk to the witch now leave with the powder. Go back to where the cave was and head left 1 screen and then north. Sprinkle the powder on the raccoon and head north again. Open the chest and head back to the beach. Once on the beach, instead of going down go right for a couple of screens. Once on the south side of the pits head south and then right. Walk up to the keyhole and it will open the gate. Go inside. Head 1 screen left. Knock the creatures down the pits and get the key. Go 1 right and 1 up. Stand on the switch and get the key from the chest that appears. Go 1 screen left and kill the bats. Head up for 3 screens. And go right once and then up and then left. Now move the block thats seperated from the rest. Go into the next door and hit the enemies with your shield and then stab them. Head down the stairs. Go to the right side, its simple. Once out of there head up 2 screens and open the chest to get the roc's feather. Head down now and go back to the area right above the 4 bats. Head right, open the chest, head up and right. Go through the door and jump over the pits. Use the key and go left. Open the chest and head back over the pits. Go down and exit the small path and go to the lower way. Go through the door and in the next room over the pit. Defeat this sub-boss and head up 2 screens. Sub-boss 1:This guy is simple, jump over the spinning rock thing and then stab him with your sword over and over. Can it be easier? Nightmare 1:You may have some pit problems with this guy but he's pretty simple. Charge up your sword and hit him in the tail. Repeat until he's dead. Kill the nightmare and head up to get the instrument.