When you feel like it play the Bolero of Fire. Head towards the temple. FIRE TEMPLE:Enter the door at the top of the stairs and talk to Darunia. Head across the platforms to the left, and free the Goron. Go into his cell and get the Small Key. Go back out to the first room and open the door with the key. Run across the bridge and head over to the brick wall on the right. Use a bomb and hit the switch inside. In the cell another Small Key can be found. Return to the bridge room and enter the door. Next, Climb the rock. There is a skulltula in here too. Leave the room and pull the rock to reveal a door. In there you'll find a Small Key. Exit and go along the left wall. Open the locked door, and slide down the ramp. Climb the fence, and stay on the left side. Fall to the smiling block. Push the rock into the lava. Jump onto it and it will take you up. Go through the door and jump to the left. Hop across the gap and push the block off the side. Pull it onto the face tile. Climb one floor above the crystal and shoot it with an arrow. Go up and over the fence. Go to the right, then go left. Free the Goron and take the Small Key. Go all the way to the other side and enter the door. Free the Goron and take the Small Key. There is a skulltula behind the bombable wall. Enter the locked door ahead. Run fast and jump up on the side and run past the door on the side. Go up the fence and drop down to get the Map. Go abck and into the door you just passed on the right. You are now on top of the platforms in the maze room. Bomb the crack on the next platform. Go down the fence and free the Goron and take the Small Key. Jump around and hit the switch which will free another Goron. Now take the Small Key from his cell. Go back to the moving flames room. Go through the locked door.Drop down and run to the left. Go into the next locked door. Exit through the other end of the hallway and hit the switch and run to the other side fast. Bomb the fake door and enter the real one. To kill this mini-boss just place a bomb in his path and then hit him over and over. Now jump up to the platform. Now hit the crystal by dropping a bomb off the side. Climb up the fencing and open the door. Go up on the left ledgde and hit the switch. Run around the path to the chest before you run out of time. You will now get the Megaton Hammer. Now go back to the platform with the switchand use the hammer to knock the block down. Smash the totemthen use it in the next room to lower a staircase. Place a block on the switch and exit. Hit the next block and fall. Go across the gap and hit the switch and block with your hammer. Enter the door and use the hookshot to go across the room. Then hit the switch with your hammer and get another Small Key. Exit to the large circular room and get the compass. Go back to the beginning and smash the toem with your hammer. Go through the locked door, and kill all of the creatures. Go through the next door and block the tiles with your shield. There is a Skulltula here too. The next room has another mini-boss. Kill it and go to the next room and get the Boss Key. Now head to the boss. SUBTERRANEAN LAVA DRAGON-VOLVAGIA:If you didn't get the Goron Tunic earlier then you are in trouble, because you have a time limit before you die of heatstroke. When he sticks his head out of the holes, hit him with your hammer a couple of times. Then shoot arrows at him as he flies by. Repeat. You'll now recieve the Fire Medallion.