Now head to Hyrule Castle. Before you enter you will see a cutscene. Now go in the moat and get the Ocarina of Time. During another cutscene you will learn the song of time. Now go to the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time on the red carpet. Enter the room and grab the Master Sword. Finally, an adult! Now you will receive the Light Medallion. Now head to Lon Lon Ranch. Pay Ingo to enter the field. Play Epona's Song and get on Epona. Ingo will challenge you to a race. Beat him two times and Epona is yours. Jump over the fence and you now have a horse! To summon her at any time just play Epona's Song on Hyrule Field. Now head to Kakariko Village. Enter the graveyard and pull the tombstone with flowers in front of it. Now race Dampe and beat him to get the Hookshot. Exit and talk to the old man in the windmill. He will teach you the Song of Storms. Go to Goron City now. Now roll into the rolling Goron and he will give the Goron Tunic for free! Now go down to Darunia's Hut and pull the statue away from the wall. Go inside and make sure you have on the tunic. Grapple across the broken bridge and Sheik will show up. He will teach you the Bolero of Fire. Now go back to Kokiri Forest. Head to the Lost Woods. When you find the Kokiri blocking your path play Saria's Song. Now go through and meet Sheik in front of the Forest Temple. He will teach you the Minuet of Forest. Use your hookshot and enter the temple. FOREST TEMPLE:Kill the wolves and climb the vines. Use your hookshot on the chest to get a small key. Enter the door and proceed forward. Once in the main room, go to the left and open the unlocked door. Use the vines on the right, and jump up into the alcove to get the Map. Exit through the other door and use the hookshot on the vines to get to the other balcony. Step on the switch, and descend the well to get a small key. Go back to the main room. Go up the stairs and go through the door. Kill the two skeletons and get the small key. Back to the main room. Use a key on the door on the small stairway. Walk up the stairways, and Navi will talk to you. Follow the arrows, and then push the blue block onto the hole on the right. Go up the ladder and push the brown block all the way in. Go back to the other block, jump on it, and jump to the right. Use the brown block as a step and go up as high as you can. Use the second small key and watch out. Now, use the last small key. Kill all of the skeletons, and you'll receive the Fairy Bow. Go back to the ghost-painting stairway. Shoot your bow at the picture with the ghost. When its gone, head down the stairs and kill it. Another small key! Go back through the twisted hallway and shoot the silver eye. Now run back down the hall and drop down. Get the Boss Key. Go through the hole and kill the bats. Go through the door and kill the skulltula. Now head to the door on the right. Destroy the hand to get a small key. Go back to the room where you got the bow and go through the door. Use the bow on the pictures and kill the second ghost to get the Compass. Go up the stairs and open the locked door. Go the opening on the right and get a small key. Jump onto the platforms and shoot the eye when you are behing the fire. You need to use a flaming arrow. Go back and drop into the new hole. Stay away from the tiles and run straight through the hallway. Enter the door and drop down. Kill the skulltula and run to the switch. Exit through the door. Shoot the painting and put the puzzle together. The dark piece is not used. Kill the ghost now and go through the hallway. Drop down and kill the last ghost by locking on to the real one. Go down the elevator and push the wall. Push until you find a switch. Push the wall from the opposite side so the room spins the other way. Now head through to the boss. EVIL SPIRIT FROM BEYOND-PHANTOM GANON:Search the paintings to find him. When you do shoot an arrow. Sometimes you'll find a fake one. When you're finished with doing that a couple of times, he changes. Block all of his shots until he backs away. Now hit the blast back and forth with your sword until he falls. Now go use a combo. Repeat a couple of times. Saria will now give you the Forest Medallion.