Go up the mountain and go to the left before Goron City. Bomb your way up the mountain and eventually get to the top. Bomb the rock on the right and go in. Play Zelda's Lullaby and the Great Fairy will come out. She will teach you the Spin Attack. Have the owl fly you back to Kakariko Village. Go in the house with the old lady standing near it. If you have enough gold skulltula you will receive the Adult's Wallet. The other things you can get once you have enough are in this order:Stone of Agony, Piece of Heart, Bombchus, Giant's Wallet, and 200 rupees. Go back to the graveyard. Go to the back and read the two tombstones. Kill the ghosts and talk to them. Now stand on the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. Go in and head to the back room. Here you can learn the Sun's Song. Now back to Hyrule Field. Head back to Hyrule Castle and go up until you see the rock on the wall. Bomb it and you will get Din's Fire. Also at night in Hyrule market purchase some Bombchus. Head to the entrance of Kakariko Village. Go south until you get to a river. Swim in it and go all the way up it. Bomb the rocks in your path and walk around the corner. Talk to the man and buy as many Magic Beans as you can. Plant one right next to him. Go back and grab the chicken. Fly across to the other side. Follow the path and play Zelda's Lullaby on the familiar sign. Jump across and go in. Head all the ay up and talk to King Zora. Go to the left and play the diving game. COllect all the rupees and head back up to the Zora to recieve the Silver Scale. Go back down to the water and find a hole. This will lead you to Lake Hylia. Swum to the shore and grab the Bottle with the Letter next to a pillar. Head to one of the buildings and get to the fishing pond. Talk to the man and start fishing. This is a very addictive mini-game. Once you catch a fish bigger than the pond's owner talk to him, weigh the fish, get your prize, and leave. Go back in the lake and swim in the hole that brought you to the lake. Go back up to King Zora and show him the letter. He'll move out of the way. Go back to the Zora's Fountain and go to the back. Bomb the rock on the wall to open a Great Fairy's fountain. Talk to her and she'll give you Farore's Wind. Go back to Lord Jabu-Jabu's face. If you don't have a fish go get one. Use it in front of him and he'll open his motuh. Enter. INSIDE LORD JABU-JABU'S BELLY:Run through the lungs to the first sealed door. Shoot the white thing on the ceiling to open the door. Follow past the boxes, over to the left and through the door. You will now find Ruto. She now will get lost and you will have to find her. Fall through the same whole she did. Carry her through the door to the right. Avoid the bubbles and jump into the shallow water. First, throw her to the other side, and then hit the switch. In the next room dodge the enemy fire until the ledge appears. Leap to it and ride to the second floor. Enter the door with the boxes to the left of it. Go straight to the next room. Stand on the switch and enter the next room. Kill all the flying fish and you will get the Boomerang. Now go back out to the hallway, and go straight ahead. Step on the blue switch and drop Ruto on top of it. Go through the door and use the boomerand to take down the creature. You'll now get the map. Exit and go to your immediate left. Pop all the bubbles to get the compass. Now go the rightmost area you haven't been to with Ruto. Kill the green creature and go back to the room where Ruto fell through a hole. Go down the hole where the cylinder was, and go through the door. Throw her to the spiritual stone. Now kill the mini-boss by hitting him in the back with your sword. You can freeze him with the boomerang. Now go up the central platform. Go through the door and kill the red things with your boomerang. Head to the boss and use a box to open the door. Now go to the highest point and hit the white thing on the ceiling with your boomerang. Now go to the boss. BIO-ELECTRIC ANEMONE-BARINADE:Lock on to him and hit him with your boomerang. Kill the little things when they come at you quickly. Get the heart container and teleport back. Ruto will give you Zora's Sapphire and you will get engaged.