Leave the town and Saria will show up and give you the Fairy Ocarina. Now head north to Hyrule market. In the shop, buy a Hylian Shield(You can find it!!). Go Down the path at the top and head to the castle. Climb the vines on the side and go across. When you get to the ladder on the gate go down. Sneak past the guards and come to a brick wall(WALK behind them). Climb it and swim the moat. Get out at the corner and talk to the sleeping guy. Now go back to the guards and get caught. Go back to the vines and talk to Malon. She will give you the Weird Egg. Go back to Talon and use the chicken. Now push the crate in the water and hop across. Heres a hard part, sneak past all the guards. They all have a set path and it's easy to figure out. Talk to Zelda and eventually you will learn Zelda's Lullaby and get Zelda's Letter. Back to Kokiri Forest! Go to the lost woods and follow the music. This will bring you to the sacred meadow. Get to the other end and Saria will teach you Saria's Song. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. Go to the middle and talk to Malon. She will teach you Epona's Song. Play the song near the horse with the white mane. Go back to the first door and play Talon's game. Win it and you will get an Empty Bottle. Now head to Kakariko Village. Go up toward the gate near Death Mountain and show the guard the letter. To Goron City! Go up Death Mountain the fast way and you will get to Goron City. Go out to the very middle and talk to the Goron. Go down to the closed door at the very bottom and play Zelda's Lullaby on the mat. Go inside and talk to Darunia. Play Saria's song and he will give you the Goron's Bracelet. Go out the alcove before Goron City and throw a bomb plant to blow up the rocks. DODONGO'S CAVERN:Blow up the rocks with a bomb plant and run further in. Go out and jump onto the center platform. The moving platforms won't go down all the way so don't worry. Hop to the sinking pillar on the right. Jump over and use a bomb plant to destroy the robot on the side. Now use another bomb plant to destroy the door. Go on in. Hit the guy with his own weapon like you probably did before. Go up the tiny inclines now. Move the statue onto the switch to open the door. In this room kill the bats. Continue moving through. The reptiles are hard so watch out and kill them before they kill you. Go through the door that opens after they are dead. In the next room kill the dodongos by slashing at their tails. Use a deku stick to light the torches. In the next room step on the switch. Use a bomb to destroy the wall and get the map. The next door contains a guy selling deku seeds. Enter the steel door and behind the wall is the compass. Go back out. Pick up the same plant bomb and set it between the others to blow up and create stairs. Head up. In the next room make sure the bats don't touch your shield or it will burn. Kill the statues then climb the ladder and hit the switch. Go across the bridge and drop down. Pull out the big stone when you find it and climb the ladder. Shoot the eye with your slingshot. Kill the lizards again and move on. Use the slingshot to hit both eyes and then hop across the platforms to the Bomb Bag. Go through the hallway and and step on the switch. Get on the bridge and jump down onto the skull of the giant dodongo. Place a bomb int both eyes and then go through the mouth. This next part is simple. You can figure it out easily. Just get a crate on the switch and then bomb the middle of the floor. INFERNAL DINOSAUR-KING DODONGO:This is probably the easiest boss in the game. When he opens his mouth throw a bomb in it and then hit hi with your sword a couple of times. When he starts to roll, go near the lava pit and wait until he passes. Run after him and do the same thing. Get the heart container and go to the warp. Darunia will talk to you and give you the Goron's Ruby.