Once you start get to know the controls. Once you think you're good, head to the garden-like place with the kid training. Go in the hole and in the upper-left corner there is a chest with your Kokiri Sword! Now go back to the town and collect 40 rupees. Head to the building with the red roof and buy a Deku Shield. Now, head to the Deku Tree. Once done talking, enter. DEKU TREE:Go up the ladder and open the chest to get the map. Continue right and open the door. Use your shield to deflect the nuts and talk to him when he runs away. Go in the next room and get the Fairy Slingshot. Shoot the ladder on the other side with your slingshot. Go back to the main room. Go back to the chest and climb the vines. Walk around this circular platform until you come to a new door. Step on the switch, and leap across to the alcove on the left. Hit the witch again and leap across all 3 platforms. At the end lies a chest holding the compass. Return to the door you came from and ignite a Deku Stick(hopefully you got some). Use this blazing wood to light the unlit torch and open the door. Now kill one of the spiders and jump down on the webbing. You might have to do this once or twice, but you need to. Get out of the water and step on the switch. Use a deku stick on the newly-lit flame and burn the cobwebs. Go through the door and uproot the enemy. Blast the eye above the door with your slingshot and go through. Jump into the water and dive to the switch, now move fast and get on the platform and ride to the other side. Push the block and enter the door. Use the burning deku stick to remove the bars. Burn the cobwebs and crawl through the hole. Push the block in the water and jump over to get a burning deku stick. Now somehow, I have no idea how I did it burn the cobweb on the ground. PARASITIC ARMORED ARACHNID-GOHMA:This guy is simple. When she's on the ground shoot her with a Deku Nut in the eye and chop her with your sword. She'll climb and open her eye. Shoot it with the slingshot. Now again chop her with your sword. Repeat. The Deku Tree will give you the Kokiri's Jade.