Walk through the tree, but watch out for the poisonous cobras. If you're bitten by one, you must use a medi pack to recover. Stay to the right and find the switch, then make your way to the passage. Climb the ledge and go to the end, where you will see a big mound of dirt. Go to it and climb the ledge at the far end. Now, go outside and around the corner until you see a passageway you must enter. When you're out of the passage, climb to the side and climb to the top. You can go into the tree and get the flares and shells. Now, go down the side of the falls. Jump down the ledge, shoot the cobra, then enter the room by crawling. You will a see statue with eight arms holding a sword. Continue to the corner and enter the hole. Here, you will meet up with another statue, only this one is alive. Now go to the top and pull the two switches and then go to the far end of the doorway down at the bottom. Enter the door and shoot the statue from inside when your guns are aiming, then go down the passageway. Jump into the water and avoid the darts. Toward the end of the passage, you must swim to the far side - be careful of the stones falling from the ceiling. Now, swim across to climb the wall. Jump directly behind you onto the platform. You then must maneuver your way across the ledges until the end to enter the next passageway. Move the blocks to get to the switch behind them. Push the block as much as you can, and you'll find a hallway. Quickly follow it down to avoid the boulders that will otherwise crush you. As you do this, be sure to avoid falling in the hole, or you will be shredded to bits. Now, jump almost at the last minute to avoid danger. Keep going until you reach the ledge. Drop down into the water, and again you must avoid the poisonous darts by keeping low. Swim to the surface, and you will be where there are two statues blowing fire. Go to the other room and pull the switch. In the water, go into the gate and pick up the key at the end on the bottom, so you can return to the surface and go were you shot the eight-armed swordsman. Put the key in its proper place. Enter the gate on the floor and pull the switch to enter the door on the upper floor at the end of passage. You will come to quicksand. Enter, but don't stop, or you'll die. Once on the surface, climb the hill, turn around, and jump directly behind you to grab the ledge. Pull the switch for the gate and enter. There are some nasty blades on the inside. Jump the first one, then keep going. Shoot the monkey as you enter the room, and you will notice that there is a switch on one of the pillars. You can move the block and pull it until you reach the pillar. Jump to the ledge by using the block. Walk along the ledge to find the hole in the ceiling, jump up and climb to next room. In here, you will find your shotgun and a switch. When exiting, just walk straight, and you will land on a platform. Jump down and move the block to the other side. Climb up and then jump in the water. Pull the switch and go through the underwater passage to pull two more switches that are at each end of the room; then, swim back through the entry hole in the ceiling. When you surface, jump into the pool and pull the three switches at each side on the walls. Jump out of water. Then, you will notice two translucent blocks appearing. Jump onto one to get to the middle pillar and pull the switch. Quickly jump down and into the left-hand corner of the room and go through the door that will close behind you. Once inside, pull the switch and run to the end of the hall to pick up a key. Now, make your way back through the entrance door before the wall of spikes helps you meet an early retirement. What used to be water is now quicksand. To cross the quicksand, you must walk through it along the wall. Make your way up the landslide and over two slopes, but be careful not to be crushed by the boulder trap. Use a flare to help you escape by going through the passage to the right. Put the key in the other keyhole to successfully open the door. Climb the wall quickly before the rapidly falling ceiling comes down on you. On the top, shoot the monkeys and then go to the right corner. Pull the block to the wall, climb and jump to the ledge, and pull the switches. Enter the gate, but watch out for the rolling boulders; then, you will enter a room with two shiva monsters. After you've defeated the shivas, pick up the swords from each of them and put them in the hands of the last shiva monster on the ledge, and the gates will open. When you enter the room with the man hanging above the Ganesha key, do not walk up the stairs because the shiva monster will come to life. The Shiva's six arms easily outmatch your two. Use your head instead. Enter the room on the left-hand side, but beware of the spikes coming down from the ceiling. You must quickly pull the two switches and run to the open gate in the floor before the ceiling comes down. Pick up the Ganesha key. Go to the other side of the room and around the corner where you will find a save crystal. The hole in the floor is where your next Ganesha key lies. When you enter, jump in the water and quickly swim to the side or the current will pull you into the spikes. Swim along the wall toward the spikes. Directly against the wall on both sides of the room are switches that stop the current. Pick up your Ganesha key and return to the surface. Place the keys in their spots on the wall. Return to the other side and face your shiva monster, retrieve your Ganesha key, and finish the level.