As soon as you begin, get out your guns, turn to the right, and kill the tribesman. Even if you get poisoned, kill the rest of the threats before using a medi pack. Wait for the rolling blades to go by, then jump down and immediately run to the right-hand corner and duck. When the rolling blades leave, push the button and make your way to the other side of the room on the same side as you. When the rolling blades return, duck once again and push the switch. Jump over rolling blades and repeat on the other side. Once all the buttons are pushed, the door will open. Retrieve the save crystal and go through door, but don't jump down yet - save your game first. Slide down and be quick to pull the three switches, because the ceiling is making its way toward you with spikes. Enter the next room and pull the switch. Quickly run across the room and through the doorway, but don't stop running. Continue to the right, because another boulder is on its way. Dispose of the tribesman and arm yourself with some heavy firepower, because the boss is waiting. When fighting the boss, keep jumping around so that his bolts of electricity don't get you. Once you pick up the artifact, the level is complete.