When making your way through the Nevada desert, be sure to look to the skies for some hungry vultures. Keep your eyes peeled, because rattlesnakes are lurking in the grass. When you're on your way to the right of the pool, there's a grenade being guarded by a rattler. Make your way past the pool and through the passage in the mountain. There is a movable block with ammo hidden under it as well. When in the middle of the first jumping area, you can drop down into a barbed-wire area. Collect both your save crystal and your first secret. To leave, kill the rattlers, move the block, and continue through the mountain path to the right of the metal box. Jump over and across to the ledge on your right and watch for the rattler in the grass. Leap across to the next ledge. When at the end, walk off and make your way the end. Position yourself facing the metal box and do a running jump. Grab the ledge and make your way to the top of the metal box. Jump down into the water and swim to the surface. You must go right on the path by making some big jumps. When you're at the end, face the opposite side of the gorge and make a running jump to cross it. Climb down and retrieve your secret. Then, dive into the water and gather up the items lying around at the bottom. Swim your way over to the water-level ledge, climb out, and jump up to the next ledge. Turn and look across the gorge and leap your way to the slanted slope on the other side. Don't try and grab the edge; instead, just jump and land on the slope. Go back up and make your way back around the path; but this time, continue across the ledges. When you reach the ledge with the hole, don't jump down. Instead, drop, grab the ledge, and shimmy to the left and up the cliff. Up on top, you will notice a TNT box and a save crystal. You need a key for the TNT box, so save your game. Go to the ledge next to the falls and jump across when you slide and jump again to the next ledge. Shimmy across the ledge behind the waterfall, and when you drop, back flip to the rock. Follow the rocks and cross the river. There, you will find a huge water wheel. Climb it and go through the canal, watching for vultures. Swim down and pull the lever that opens a gate between the two pillars leading into the water. Swim through the water passage and pull the other two levers. Continue through the passage and up to the top of the small waterfalls. Find the button and activate the water wheel. Make your way back down the water wheel. There's a passage on the right near the rattlesnake. There, you will find an enemy and the key you need to detonate the TNT. Jump back across the ledges and go back to your TNT box. When you detonate it, be sure to jump out of the way, because a rolling boulder is coming your way. Follow the cord and climb the rocks to the next area. Go around the fence and through the passage, but don't drop down. Jump and swim through the water and pull the switches. One is behind the pillar and in the tunnel. Backtrack to the fence and go down the large black path and pull the switch to the right. Return to the passage, but this time, drop down. When you come out of the passage, be ready for some commandos. Kill them and climb the ladder into the building. Jump over the fence and into the compound, dispose of the commandos, and take the ATV. Go on top of the compound and retrieve the access card. Then, go into the building and turn off the electric fence. Look around the compound before driving down the large passage and jump the fence to finish the level.