Be sure to search the surrounding areas and watch out for the poison-spitting dragons. Climb down the ledges, and from there, you can leap to the rock in the middle of the rapids; then, take a running jump and grab the ledge on the other side. From there, shimmy to the right and find a switch that opens a trapdoor at the beginning, under the ledge, where the bats flew out. Return to the rock in the rapids, and this time, shimmy to the left over to the ledge. Jump up, and monkey swing across the rapids to the platform on the other side. Make your way over to the passage in the mountain. Slide down the ledge. Then, hang and do a back flip over the razor grass. Crawl through, but watch out for the dragon, and retrieve the save crystal. Return and go the other way, up the stairs, and press the button to open the gate. Make your way back, slowly walking through the razor grass and then climb the wall. Jump behind the waterfall to obtain a secret. Monkey-swing to the ledge above the slope and jump and grab the ledge. Run and jump across to get your save crystal and keep on going in that direction. Do a running jump to the climbable cliff. Once you've reached the top, the next secret is to the right. Back flip to the steep slope and grab the edge when you slide down. Then, shimmy across and drop to the platform below. Run and jump across to the ledge and get yourself back on the right trail. Be sure to dispose of the crocodiles before diving into the water. Pull the switch in the water that is in the dark corner just next to the gate. Get into the kayak and prepare for some rushing rapids and waterfalls. To slow yourself down a little and soften the impact, back paddle down the first rapids to fight the current. Then, go up the river and get your save crystal. Make your way down the falls and stay to the right, then paddle your way to the left. Once in the pool, deactivate the blades. Stay to the right and fight the current, so you don't get swept down the next falls. Make your way around the trip wires because all they do is cause you harm. Once you have reached the chamber with the plug on the chain, paddle your way up the current. There, you will find your save crystal behind the waterfall. Make your way back to the chamber and paddle your way up the greenish rapids. There, you will find another chamber and a hungry crocodile waiting for you. Jump out of the kayak and dispose of the crocodile and dragon. Monkey-swing across the chamber with the plug, but time it right because of the flames. Once back on solid ground, make your way through the passage; when the boulder rolls toward you, duck behind the ledge. When you enter the next room, start running to the other side and jump to the opening in the left corner. Jump over the flames and duck the rolling boulder. Jump across to the rock, climb the wall, and continue jumping from rock to rock until you reach the zip line. Grab it and go for a ride. Climb the cliff and dispose of the dragons, then pull the switch and jump down. Climb back into your kayak and paddle your way back to the other chamber and go down the whirlpool. Ride the edge, or you'll take some damage. Shoot the crocodile, then pull the switch in the water under the ledge. This opens a doorway to the end of the level.