You begin the level in a chamber with a sliding door in front of you. When you walk up to it, the door will open. Once in the next area, cross the room, climb the ladder to the second floor, and follow the hallway. Pull the switch to open the double door directly beneath you. From the second floor, you can also run and jump to the pillar and onto the ledge to retrieve your save crystal. Fall down and go through the door. Pick up the Uli key and make your way to the gates where you use the Uli key. Climb up the ladder and move down the hallway to the window near the switch and door combo. Drop down to the ledge and pull the switch. Go back through the window and down the hall. Slide down the slope into the chamber and pull the switch. Run through the door and make your way to the ladder where there is an opening. Climb the ladder to the five switches. Turn the first, second, and fifth switch on; they open the gate just below. Through the door you come upon a great big broken bridge, but be sure to watch the sky for the wasps. Run to the end of the bridge and climb the ledges near the save crystal cave. It's a long drop, so be careful. Before dropping down to the bridge, kill the wasps. Follow the hallway and defend yourself against the magical monsters. Pass the swinging bowl of coal - be sure not to let the coals touch you, or you'll go up in flames. In the next area, make a left and watch for the wasps. Follow the hallway and pull the switch to open the gate. Enter and fight the three magical monsters on at a time; then, pull the switch in the short hallway where one of the monsters came from. Make your way to the second floor and to the crawlspace that leads to the next room. Here, you must pull the switches to raise the platforms to make your way to the switch to open the door. The switch for the door is under the long walkway. The switch on top of the walkway is for a secret, but you must first open the door. Flick the switch, run down through the door and across the next room to the left hall, and go up the ladder. Pull the switch and continue running through the room and up the stairs. Keep to the right while going down the hallway and past a bowl of coals. Cross the bridge and down the right-hand side. Don't think about it, just slide and jump down to the bottom of the gorge and to the secret. Back in the room with all the little pools, kill the magical monster and pick up the Uli key. Return to the room with the pillar of light and make your way in, getting the four Oceanic masks. In the earth area, you must fight your way through the quicksand, head around the bend and go to the ledge just after the carving of the face in the wall. Follow the path and retrieve the mask; then, the roof begins to collapse, and the path becomes much less inviting. Be careful on the trip back, as there are some tricky jumps on the way. The wind area is just a maze of intersecting hallways. Head to the right and follow the long hallway. At the end, jump from ledge to ledge to let the rolling spikes pass. Retrieve the mask at the top. In the water area, drop down and swim through the spinning blades into the underwater passage to the next chamber. There, you will see four holes behind a spinning blade. The one on the left is where you must go first. Get a breath of air and pull the timed switch. Swim out and into the hole on the right, where the trapdoor is now open. Swim up through the long passage to the next chamber and continue up to the air pocket. Catch your breath and swim to the left and pull yourself to the ledge in the top right-hand corner. Swim in through the gate and retrieve your mask. Pull the switch, get your save crystal, and return to the chamber. Once again, go to the air pocket and get a breath of air. This time, swim to the right through the passage. Flip the lever and swim through the gate. Now, you're in the room with four holes. Swim to the one on the bottom and through the passage. Surface, pull the switch, and drop down. Go through the gate and back to the pillar-of-light room. In the fire area, use the map on top of the block to find your way across the pillars. To find the right path, light a flare, and the map will tell you. In the next chamber, the dragons are blowing their flames over invisible blocks. You must jump quickly across them. To keep from getting burnt, hang from the side of the block. When you're on the last one, jump to the right and pull the switch to open the door. Jump to the door and go through. Once you're back in the room with the pillar of light, place the Oceanic masks in the pillars around the pillar of light; then, use the Uli key at the door where you entered this chamber; then, you can jump down into the Meteorite Cavern.