You begin this level in Sophia's office. You have tried to convince her to give you the artifact, but she doesn't seem to think that's a good idea. Don't try to shoot Sophia, because you can't hurt her yet. Run through the door and into the opening. Run up the ramp and make your way to the platform. There's a monkey swing above, but don't use it, because you can't make the jump. Immediately turn around. Run and jump across to the ledge with the red light. Jump up on top of the monkey swing, turn around, and climb the box with the metal top. Then, drop down to the box below. Sophia can't hit you from here. Hang from the ledge and shimmy across to the left. Then, pull yourself up and go through the crawlspace to find your secret. Crawl back out, drop to the floor, and make your way back to the box with the metal top. Run across the walkway. When Sophia is recharging from the power button, push it, and a trapdoor will open on top of the box with the metal top. Climb on top of the box and jump to the ledge above. Get up to the ledge where there is a medi pack, run across the walkway, and climb the ladder when Sophia is recharging. Climb to the top and go through the crawlspace. On top of the crawlspace, run and jump to the ledge across from you. Run over to the fuse box. When you shoot the fuse box, Sophia will get an extra bit of power and die from the surge of electricity. Don't try to get the artifact yet, because the area is electrified. Now jump back across and on top of the crawlspace. From there, you must run and jump across to the other building. Run to the box and climb it; then climb the one on your right. Jump to the box on the right of the artifact, push the button, and cut the power. Now, go get your artifact to complete the level.