The level begins with you sliding down a slope toward some nasty spikes. You can avoid them by jumping over them. After the first set of spikes, keep jumping to the left to reach a flat surface. Try not to stop, as an oncoming boulder may crush you. Go back near the boulder to retrieve a couple of items. Before going back down the hill, walk to the corner of the tree and jump over to the other side to find the save crystal. Return to the boulder area and continue downward once more, still avoiding the spikes at the bottom of the hill. You will notice that you can go two different ways. First, go straight and pick up the save crystal. You now move ahead to the dam where you will find the shotgun shells and the flares. Return to the area where you had the choice to go right or straight. Go right and watch out for the monkey. Shoot him and go forward to the opening of the mountain. In there, you will find a switch. Pull it down, and it will open a door behind the tree you came from earlier. Once inside, the door will close behind you. You will see another switch; pull that one also. You must get out of the way by jumping directly to the ledge behind you, or the spiked wall will crush you. You will then come to a zip line, so grab the lever. Draw your guns because there is a tiger waiting for you. Now that you're past the tigers, go forward, where you will see a door with a boulder in front of it to the right. You must go left of the opening of the tree where you will find a switch. Pull it and quickly move out of the way because the boulder is going to crush you like a pancake. Make your way to the door, then turn left to pull a switch. This will open the door. In this place, you will notice that you may go through some plants. Crawl under the tree stump. Get your guns out again to shoot the tiger on the top of the tree, make your way to the other side, and go to the end of the tree. There is a hole in the ground, but don't jump down because there are spikes in it. Go around the hole until you see the treetop ahead of you. A secret is waiting for you at the top. Jump down by holding the ledge. Once on the ground, go to the black hole in the corner and jump down. Take a flare out so you can see what's going on. Walk toward the spikes and keep walking through them, slowly moving to the other side. Now jump to the ledge, go back to the previous room, and go straight to the spikes. Slowly walk through them, then go get your save crystal. Climb the mountain to find the switch to open the gate, but beware of the falling boulder. Go down past the gate where there are more falling boulders. Go where the boulder came from and find the secret. Hop into the river. Jump on the island and then jump on the tree branch directly above you. Pull the switch and return to the island. Now, run and jump to the ledge to go through the door. At the end of the passage, do not go in the water, it will bring you back to the beginning. Jump to the branch and make your way to the zip line. Retrieve the save crystal by jumping to the pillar. Get ready to face two tigers. Step to the side and climb the wall to a water-filled room. Swim to the ledge and make your way to the right, so you can move the block to open the door. Enter the room and pull the switch. Return to the block and jump over it into the water. Swim toward the surface and pull the switches. Return to the other side and swim to the far end of the room. Go to the door and enter to pull the switch. Return where you shot the tigers and where the water has risen. Swim to the waterfall where you will notice a passageway that you must enter. Inside, you must climb the ladder to the top. From here, jump across to the platform and flick the switch. This will open a gateway in the water. Jump in and swim through the gate up to the surface. Be careful, as there is a nasty tiger waiting for you there. Once past the tiger, you must climb the ladder up to where a monkey is waiting to play with you. Here, you will find a key in the monkey's mouth. Go around the wall and shoot the tiger from the ledge at the bottom of the cliff. Then go to the door and enter.