Get ready for some leaping! Jump across the lily pads according to the map the man gave you in the previous hut. Follow the path, or you'll sink to an early grave. When you're on the last lily pad before the shore, jump to the corner to find a secret. Once on land, get ready for some action, because the days of the dinosaurs are back. In the next area, there is a ledge. To get up there, you must shimmy the wall directly across from the ledge. Once you're positioned, have Lara flip, spin, and grab the ledge. Crawl through, jump, and monkey swing across the ceiling. Make your way along the path and retrieve your save crystal, but do not save yet. Backtrack to were you killed the dinosaur and go to the right through the passage in the mountain. Once in the room, find the tree directly to the right. Climb it and find a secret. Watch out for baby raptors. Continue along and retrieve Commander Bishop's key. Arm yourself, because a T-rex is looking for you. Run behind the now dead dinosaur and into the opening with the switch and have a fun time shooting him. Pull the switch and run to the other side and pull another switch. Then backtrack back out to the open area. Continue straight and over the hill; then, go to the passage on the right. Enter the room, but don't try to cross the bridge, because the bridge falls, and the piranhas will get a tasty snack. Climb the wall and leap to the tree while getting your guns ready; then, jump to the ledge in the corner behind the tree and leap onto the tree. Retrieve your save crystal and save your progress. Jump to the tree and kill the dinosaur. Then, walk to the end of the branch facing the waterfalls and do a standing jump to grab the tree branch where you will find a secret. Go to the branch, where you are in front of the dangling dinosaur. Shoot the chain, and the dinosaur will fall into the water. The piranhas will attack it, so you can leap into the water and pull your switch that opens the gate. Enter the room, but beware of the dinosaurs lurking in the dark. Pull the switches and jump up to the ledge and pick up another one of Commander Bishop's keys. Return to the plane, climb on top, jump into the belly, make your way to the cockpit, and place Commander Bishop's keys in the keyholes. Return to the belly, jump down the hole into the cargo area, and pull the switch. Then, run to the rocket launcher and blow up the rocks on the far left side across the river and watch out for a feeding frenzy of dinosaurs. After you do that, the level finishes