At the beginning of the level, swim to the lagoon floor and retrieve the smuggler's key. Return to the surface and go to the ledge on your left. Pick up the small medi pack, then swim to the stone in the middle of the water for another small medi pack. Use the smuggler's key to open a trapdoor on the floor. Once you're done with the hut, exit and go down the slope. Continue down the path and jump on the stone in the middle of the swamp. Make your way up the ledge where you will encounter a tribesman. When you come to the waterfall, climb to the ledge below and retrieve a save crystal. Return and climb the large tree near the ledge. Leap across the branches and retrieve one of three serpent stones. Find your secret in a hole off the side of the branch. Make your way to the waterfall, jump in the water, and fall down the waterfall to the ledge below. From here, look in the waterfall, and you'll find the second serpent stone. Exit the waterfalls and make a running jump to the ladder. Make your way to the top of the dam. Climb onto the platform and jump to the next ledge to find the third serpent stone. Return to the platform and jump to the doorway. Place the three serpent stones in the serpent heads. You will open a passage that will bring you to the village. One of the huts has a pulley inside that you must turn. Make your way down to the end of the pathway near the muddy bog. Dispose of the tribesman and jump to the ledge, where you find a pulley. By turning the pulley, you will close the gap in the path behind the hut in the village. At the closed gap, climb the ledge and get some shells and flares. Make your way to the next area of the village. To the right, you will enter a dark corner where you will find a secret. Be sure to have your guns drawn to dispose of the tribesman lurking in the shadows. Upon entering the next area, you will notice a hut with a ladder and an entrance that is blocked. Search the surrounding huts to find the pulley. Turn the pulley that unlocks the blocked entranced to the first hut. Climb up into the now-unlocked hut and walk to the window. The gate will automatically open, then jump to the ledge on the left. Run down the hallway and jump across to the ledge behind the hut. From the ledge behind the hut, jump across to the next ledge and then on top of the hut. Monkey-swing your way to the other side and cross the hut tops. Enter the last hut and push the button to create a ledge that passes over the open flames. Return to the hallway and jump across the flames. Make your way along the ledge to find the switch. This will open the gate on both sides of you. Ignore the button and go down the hallway, but be careful not to get hit by the blades. Press the button and slide back down to the village. To your right, you'll find a water hole. Jump into the water and swim through the underwater passage. Be sure to quickly swim to the surface to avoid the hungry crocodile. Find the ladder and make you way to the hut.