When roaming through the caves of Kaliya, take note of your direction, or you will be lost in this dark maze of tunnels. When you begin the level, you have a choice of going down the hall to the left or the right. To the left are dead-end halls with flares and items, to the right is the path you must take to advance through the level. Wiggle your way through the crawlspace and slide down the slope. Beware of the boulder heading for you, or your tomb-raiding career will come to quick end. Sprint down the hallway and into the space on the right. The boulder will pass by you, and you must continue down the hallway. A second boulder will start to roll toward you. Run down the hall to the space on the left to avoid being crushed. At the end of the hall, climb the ledge and make your way through the crawlspaces. Around the corner awaits a deadly cobra. To the right is a junction. The right side holds a box of shotgun shells and a dead end. Backtrack to the crawlspace, turn right, and go down the hall. At the next junction, turn left and proceed to the raised platform. Turn right and go past the block at the end of the short hall. From here, turn left and continue through the dead-end hallways. In one of the hallways at the end, there is a hole in the floor. Drop down through the hole and proceed down the hall. After the crawlspace, you will notice you're at another junction. The correct path is to your left, and it contains a save crystal waiting for you to use. Be careful, though - there is a hole under the save crystal, and if you fall into it, you will receive a nasty surprise from the poisonous cobras. Drop a flare in the opening to help you navigate your way to safety. Cobras are not your only problem. A boulder will be on its way to flatten you. Once you have made it through this little mess of trouble, enter through the crawlspace and jump down to the save crystal. To take on the boss, arm yourself with the shotgun and slide down to the lair. Open fire immediately. Be sure to keep moving to the left and right to avoid the fireballs. After beating the boss, go around the chamber and collect the items and your artifact to end the area.