As you begin the level, you are falling down a number of slopes. Fall into the water and climb out; then, run up the stairs and blow up the grating to retrieve a save crystal. Climb up into the rafters and pick up the items. Be careful of the enemy circle waiting around the corner and pull the block. Go back around and drop to the ticket booth. Notice the hole over the other ticket booth? The block you pulled will now let you climb up. Drop into the room and pick up the maintenance key and items. Then, pull the switch to open the door. Leave the room and run down the escalator on the right side and jump over the subway tracks, dispose of the immortal and his trusty dog, then use the maintenance key at the door. Enter and push the switch to turn on the lights. Run to the other side and pick up the old penny. Drop down to the tracks that you jumped over, and sprint down the tracks to the opening on the right to avoid getting hit by the train. Enter the red room and dispose of the immortals and their dogs, then make your way up the boxes and retrieve your save crystal. Back flip to the slope. Then, jump and grab the wired mesh to climb up to the top. Then, back flip to the ledge behind you. Monkey-swing your way to the right and drop on the ledge. Slide down the slope backward and grab the ledge. Now, drop to the collapsing ledge, where you must immediately jump to the left. You'll slide again, so quickly jump across the room and grab the other ledge. Quickly shimmy across and drop down to the slope. Then, jump, spinning in the air to another slope. Slide down, grab the edge, and drop down to the lower ledge to find a secret. Drop down once again, continue through the passage, and then head up to the upper chamber. Sidestep across the ledge and quickly jump when the flames have stopped for a short time. Jump to the grate and climb up. There is a switch behind you against the wall that opens a trapdoor in the red room. Climb up to the chamber. Above it is a platform on top of the tracks. Kill the rats and pick up the items; then, drop down to the tracks and make your way back to the red room in the subway tunnel. Make your way through the trapdoor and kill the immortal and his companion. Check the room for items and then fall down the collapsing ledge. Pull the box, climb back up, fall down the trapdoor that just opened, and go down the hallway. There, you will find two switches that open the doors in the room down the hallway; quickly run through the doors. Push the switch on the right and sprint down the hall to the room. Enter the door on the far end. Push the switch inside and follow the passage back to the two switches. Push the one on the right again, but this time, run to the middle door were a trapdoor has opened in response to the pulled switch in the previous room. Jump up, push the switch to close the gate, and follow the passage back to the two switches. Push the one on the left and quickly run to the first door in the room. Shimmy across and retrieve your save crystal and Soloman's key. Return to the red room, go through to the drill room, and retrieve the second Soloman's key. Return to the ticket booths back at the beginning of the level. Use the old penny on the booth with the dark window. Make your way down the escalator on the left and shoot the grate at the end of the platform near the mud slide to find a secret. Run down the tracks to the right and kill the guard. Figure out the puzzle and go to the room in the far right corner. The door will now be open. Enter and go into the mansion. Near the collapsing ledge, the curtain runs all the way to the floor. Run through the curtain and pick up the ornate star. Place Solomon's keys in the room locks and have your guns ready. When the door opens, pick up the Masonic mallet and go through the other door that opens. Swim through the passage and climb up. Jump across, shimmy to the right, and drop to the ledge. Jump up, monkey swing to the crawlspace, and kill the rodents. Use the ticket, and up the stairs you go. Cross the barriers and use the ornate star at the door. You must get your guns ready for some action. Backtrack, head down the escalator, and follow the path. At the locked door, use the Masonic mallet to open it. Go through the hallway and watch out for trouble. Kill the immortal and check the dark area for the items. Backtrack once again to the crack in the floor and climb into the train. Get the items and exit. When you go down the hallway, don't shoot the immortal just yet. Instead, follow him. Around the corner, there will be two immortals waiting to attack you. Take care of the undead with some rapid-fire lead to the head. Push the switch, then backtrack to the red room, where a door has opened near the two buttons. There are two ramps that lead to the end of the level. Climb the overpass where the trapdoor has opened; then it's over.