If you defeat Eve then it's the sixth day. Save it and walk to the door near the naval person. Go inside and talk to the officer and he gives you a lot of things to choose from. Take what you want and go back outside. After a cut-scene guess what? You have to fight The Ultimate Being!!! Ultimate Being:16,800 HP, when hes in his baby form just dodge around him and keep your distance. If you have any rockets left use them. Once he's gotten a little bigger try to avoid his attacks they're pretty simple. Shoot him and he should split. If not you probably used liberate and he went straight to being adult form. Once he splits take down the flying part first then use shoot up the crawling part. As an adult he's extremely hard. For the next form use liberate and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. He should fall soon. Once he's evolved into the last form shoot him, and barely cause any damage. After about 20 HP are taken off Daniel gives you new bullets for Maeda's gun(that's why you shouldn't have discarded it). After 6 shots with them he's dead. If you get lucky and defeat it then run into the door where Wayne was. The Ultimate Being will keep chasing you. If he touches you you're dead. Go to the door where the officer was standing. Go down the left path and go through the next door. Go down the stairs and through the door. Keep going and take the first turn. Go down the ladder and go up to the machine. Activate it and climb the ladder at the back of the room(Go down the wooden plank). Run to the end of the hallway and in the door. The Ultimate Being will be going really fast now. Run left to the next door and up the stairs. Go through the door and you've beaten Parasite Eve!!! Have fun with the Chrysler Building and have a little surprise at the last floor, floor 77.