Now its day 5...Head to Chinatown. Go North for a while then see Maeda and go down the sewer. Directions-5 left, 2 down, 2 right, 2 down. These directions get you to the grenade launcher and armor. If you don't care about them go 1 right and 4 down. Now go up the ladder outside. Go down the walkway and turn when the turn comes up. Now, Walk down and see a cut-scene. If you go right and down, all you will find is 2 alligators(Remember Carnegie Hall?). They do have some useful things. Go left and up. Go to the switches and turn on the pump and open pump 2. Now save and go to into the next room. Go right from here. Now go along the tracks until you get to a split. Defeat the boss and head up through the door. Centipede:1400 HP(800 Big form, 150 each little form), he has a couple of attacks, but just stay at his tail and dodge his poison balls which come down at you. Shoot him, move, repeat. When he splits into 4 forms, quickly take one down to have an easy cover spot. They come flying in at you so you need a safe spot. Once one dies take the rest down from your spot. Go along and search the corpse. Now see the cut-scene and switch to disc 2. Head back to the tracks. In the wrecked trains are some items. Head to the side where you fought the boss. Go down it until you see a station. Hop up and Go up the stairs. Once you leave head to the warehouse(optional but has rocket launcher). Once the cop runs away, enter the warehouse. Go north to the next room. Head to the right to get the key on the floor. Go through the door. In the next room go in the door on the left. Go across the bridge and through the door. Climb down the elevator shaft and there will be a boss. Crab:1600 HP(400 HP claws, and 800 HP body), this boss isn't too easy. He has 4 attacks, to avoid his eyeballs just keep running around, to avoid all the rest stay at his side. What else can I say? Shoot him and he's dead. Defeat him and get the rocket launcher. Now leave the warehouse the way you came. Head to the museum. Once inside follow the man you see. Go to the left and enter the door. Go through the next door and see the man again. The door he went through is locked. Go back to the main room and head north. Keep going along the one-way track and kill the scorpion(he's not a boss). Go north for 2 screens and don't go upstairs. Once in the room with the big heads leave, and there will be little creatures attacking. Once you kill them go upstairs. Go north and through the door at the top-right. Go up the ladder. Go south for a couple of screens. Now go right twice. Now follow the hallway and then head south and go through the double doors. Climb through the window and go right. Jump down and go through the next window. Leave this room to the right. Head north until you get to a security room. SAVE IT!!! Press the button on the right to turn the elevators on and watch the security cam. Go back out to the room with the red carpet. After a cut-scene, go left. Next, go north until you reach the stairs. Now go back to the lobby. Go up the stairs and enter Dr.Klamps office. You will get a new gun and a key(Don't discard the gun even though it's horrible). Go to the red-carpeted room and head left until you come to a staircase. Go up the staircase and go down into the next room. Whaddya know another boss! Triceratops:2050 HP(First form 1000, second form 1050), easy boss just stay at his side or behind him and shoot away, don't use your rocket launcher!!! He has 2 main attacks, charging and a lightning bolt. Just stay out of his way and dodge the lightning, it's simple. After it's defeated I suggest saving(security room). Now go back to the triceratops room. After a cut-scene you will have to fight another boss. T-Rex:2900 HP, this boss is just big and mean looking. Just stay away from his lasers and try to be at his side and shoot away. You might have liberate by now if so use it, he has major problems with it. After it is defeated run back to the lobby through the lower left door. Now go in the elevator and go to the 4th floor. Go down the staircase and go north for 2 screens. Now follow the hallway until you reach the triceratops room. Keep going until you reach a room with mud all over a door. Go up the stairs now. Once in the mud-room go through the door at the top and watch an extremely long cut-scene. After the cut-scene save it. Eve(Fourth fight, last):8400 HP, hardest boss in the game. For this monstrosity you should have your rocket launcher equipped. Try to dodge her every attack it may be hard but she does a lot of damage. If you get too close she'll pick you up and you'll probably get killed. Work your way up on her body parts to make it faster. Once she's in her more human-like form stay far away and use liberate. Liberate comes quite in handy here.