The fourth day is where it starts getting a lot harder. After talking to Daniel head to the third floor and go in the first door. Get Maeda and head for the hospital. Go inside and head to the top-left to the elevator. Once in the basement, search around in here for an autopsy key, blue keycard, a key for the lobby, and 3 fuses(extremely detailed to explain). Use the 3 fuses on the machine with the wires disconnected(Don't connect them with the power on!!!). Insert the fuses and head to the lobby. Go in the door on the top and talk to the nurse. At the very back of the room there is another room, hard to see. Talk to the nurse in there and go back to the elevators. Go into the room next to the elevators. In there go to the second room. At the very back of that room turn the valve. Now leave and go in the elevator. Head to the 13th floor. Go into the door at the back without the body(Can't get past the body). Go to the back of the room and press the red arrow. Next turn Aya towards the machine and push it away. Go into the newly opened door and go to the first door. In there read the notes on the ground and then pick up the elevator key. Go into the elevator and OHMIGOD THERES AN EMPTY SPERM CONTAINER!!! Go up to the roof in the elevator and defeat the boss. Giant Spider:750 HP, I don't even need to help you on this one. Just dodge his webs, don't get too close or he'll slash you, and dodge the fireballs. Shoot him a lot and he's dead. After the fight run to the lower left corner before the plane hits the roof. Once at the bottom head to the NYPD. Talk to every one in the chief's office.