After a whole lot of talking and it's day 3. Leave the room you wake up in. Maeda should be waiting for you. After Daniel pulls up head to the left. Go in the store and get what you need.(2 guns, 1 armor main items here). After leaving head right to the Pharmacy. Pick up all the medicines you need and save if you want. After leaving head back to the car. Next head to the museum so Maeda can conduct his experiment. Once done that go back to the NYPD. The place has been attacked by Eve(Note:Almost everywhere a cop is on the floor 90% of them have ammo). Once inside head for the basement and go to the room Wayne and Torres are in. After talking leave and head to the kennel. Talk to Cathy and then head back upstairs. This time head to the third floor. Keep following Ben up the stairs and on the last floor take the turn you can't see in defeat the boss and save it. Sheeva: 950 HP(300 left, 450 middle, and 200 right), this boss is starting to get harder, I couldn't beat him for a couple of tries. He has 3 attacks which cause a lot of damage. He can leap, shoot a yellow laser, and make a ground laser. When he leaps jump out of the way, when he shoots the yellow laser run behind him, and I couldn't dodge the third attack. Just shoot the weaker heads first to get him stunned more.