Go down the first stairs. Go into the door closer to you. After talking leave the room and go back to the main hall. Before you go talk to Ben go in the door near the offices. There are 2 lighter lockers with stuff in them. Go down to Ben at the end of the hallway. After talking to Ben go see the chief. You will get called to the museum. Follow Daniel to the scientist. After that return to the police station and go to the meeting room.(around where Ben was standing) After the meeting go to central park. Go down the path and open chests along the way. If you're wondering what junk is for see the codes section of the Strategy Guide. Once in the zoo go up towards the phone. In the room next to the phone there is a key in a drawer in the upper-right area. Head right from here. Open the door with the jungle inside if you want nothing special but a couple of chests and some snakes. After that go to the path with no door at the top. At the split go left. Open the door and head north. Go in the main entrance. After the cut-scene come out and follow the girl backstage. Go to Eve from there she will run off. Run back out and head to the path with the dead body(South of the theater). Follow the little girl. She always takes the first path in the direction shes going. After the bridge with 3 poisonous plants on head down on the north side. I suggest using the phone here...You have 2 bosses to defeat. Earthworms:800 HP(200 Hp each), this boss is simple. First dodge the spiked balls they shoot at you and them shoot them up. They get bigger every time one dies and so do the spiked balls. When there is 1 left, he always comes out in the lower left corner. He usually lies on the ground and moves about dodge it and shoot him some more. Eve(Fight 3):300 HP, to win this fight just shoot her and run away when she slashes. When she flys in the air stand in the middle and see what corner the beam is forming in, then run to the opposite corner.