After the introduction, run up on stage. Defeat the actress and run to the left. Eve(Fight 1):40 HP, first arm your club, using bullets on her is a waste. When shes charging up her energy hit her with the club. Run away when shes going to shoot(It's easy to spot). Go to the hole and say you don't want to go down you should hear a police car pull up. Turn around and go back outside. The cop on the far right will give you 60 bullets. Now, go back to the hole and go down it. Go down the hallway and defeat the rat. Go to the double doors on the side. Push the body over and use the phone if you want. In the back is a medicine 1. Search the body for a key. Return to the hallway, if you want go to the other side doors they all hold something to get. After you're done getting your supplies go in the doors at the end of the hall. After a cut-scene you will fight the Melissa again. Eve(Fight 2):80 HP, I suggest using your club but you may want to use your pistol. She's easy to defeat, she flys around and she will shoot beams from her hands. Just run in between the beams and move with her. Defeat her and go down the hole. You will be in the sewers now. Go to the end and follow the little girl. At the end of the hallway she ran through there is a phone and a switch. Push the switch and go down the new path. Your next boss awaits. Giant Alligator:200 HP(80 tail, 120 body), use your gun on this boss. First he will attack you with his tail, dodge it and the beams that come out. Now run behind him and shoot his tail. Repeat this until his tail is destroyed. Now go after the head, he has a new attack I suggest staying behind him to avoid it. Shoot his head a couple of times and he's done for.