Follow the path until you can't go any further right. Go down the elevator to two floors. You will find a Basilard Sword, and Sunglasses. Make sure you pull the lever in the cannon room. Backtrack to the upward passage just after the boss area. Exit the room at the top right. Go to the right until you find an area where you can go up or down. Go down, because there is a Potion down there. Exit to the right. Proceed to the right and down. Head down and exit to the left. Follow this passage until you reach the bottom. Head to the left and grab the Spirit Orb relic. Then head out to the right and follow the winding passage. You will come to a door leading back to the main hall where you found the Cube of Zoe. Press the switch and do not go back there. Instead head back to the Marble Gallery. Now head back to the area before you found the Spirit Orb. Head to the top right. You will meet Maria. Continue going to the right. You will come to a room with two exits on the right. Take the lower one. Go down the Long Hallway to reach the Outer Wall. Go down and to the left. Kill the Armor Lord, and go into the room he was guarding. You can break the wall on the left side. Now head back up and go in the door on the right. Head up through this area. There is a Save Point on the lower right too. DOPPLEGANGER10:This boss is actually quite easy. Just block the knives he throws with your shield. When he jumps at you, jump back and slice him in the chest. He will fall to the ground allowing a couple more hits. Watch out for knives right about now. Repeat this and you should be fine. For killing him you will receive a Life Max Up. Head to the right. You will find a Gladius. Now continue going up the Outer Wall.