I will not refer to save points in this. When you start as Richter, walk up the stairs. Attack the lower left block near the entrance. This will reveal a new set of stairs. Go up and collect the stuff if you want, Richter can't use any of it. Then go fight Dracula. Don't worry about him, you're invulnerable. Now you will watch a short scene and then take over as Alucard. Run through the wargs and zombies. Just keep going right. When you get far enough, Death will steal all your equipment. Now head up and kill the skeleton. He will drop a short sword. There is also another one with Red Rust. Climb the stairs to get the relic Cube of Zoe. After climbing and heading to the left you will reach the Alchemy Laboratory. Go past the spikes and smash the globe to get the Hide Cuirass. Now head up to the next room and jump over the spikes to the left, destroy the blue fire, and get the Leather Shield. Then go up the platforms and exit on the left side. On the left side of this room, you can smash the wall open to reveal a secret room. Now go up and to the left. Make sure you hit the fire on the table next to the skeleton. It has a Resist Thunder. In the next room, step on both of the buttons, place the box on the right spikes, and press the right button again. Doing this will allow you to climb up to get a Cloth Cape. Now exit through the door up and to the left. Now head up to the top right(you might want to save it, in the center of the climbing room on the left). At the top of this room there is an axe heart weapon that you might want to get. SLOGRA AND GAIBON-These guys are easy, if you know what you're doing. Slogra is the one with the spear, and Gaibon is the flying one. Attack Slogra as soon as Gaibon drops him, and Gaibon will pick him back up. Hit them with some axes if you have them. Now repeat until Slogra is dead. Now Gaibon will either shoot fireballs from the sky, from the ground , or turn red and shoot giant fireballs. Dodge the ones in the air. Now when he's on the ground, stand next to him, duck, and hit him with your sword over and over. When he's red, he does basically the same things, except he shoots bigger fireballs. Once you have killed both of them, you will get a Life Max Up. Exit to the right.