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July 4th Saturday Night Suicide Results are up!!!!! Also, do NOT e-mail me for the next two days until I change my e-mail address. I am going away for the Summer (most of it). So if you come in here, do NOT fill out an application YET!!! I will put up when you can do that!!!

Start ROLEPLAYING and sending me your pictures of your wrestlers so I can put them up when you win a match.
You MUST send in match requests and sneak attacks or else they won't happen!!!!!!!!

President: Ken Shamrock

- WWF Superstar -
Who's your favorite WWF Superstar?

Stone Cold
Rocky Maivia

Current Results
- cont.. -
Favorite Wrestler cont..

Ken Shamrock
Bad Ass / Road Dogg
Hawk / Animal

Current Results

Click names for pics of belts

Superfight Belt: Killer (every week)

Ultimate Fighting Belt: XCA (once a month)

Ultimate Ultimate Belt: New Jack (once a month)
{Other than the Rumble, this title will be fought for in The Octagon}

Tough Man Belt: Kevin Nash (every 3 weeks)

World Belt: Mr.Shock (every 2 weeks)

Light Heavyweight Belt: K-Dawg (2 weeks)

Tag Team Belts: Harlem Heat (once a month)

Stable Title: Vacant (every month)

See Who Thinks They Could Take Your Ass Tell Them Some Inspiring Words

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