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UFC Wrestling Application

Your full name:

Your email address:

Wrestler's Name:
Wrestler's Height:
Wresler's Weight: (Cruiserweight limit is 235)
Wrestler's Style:
Face, Heel, Neutral:
5-7 Moves:

2-4 Submission Moves:

Finisher and Description:

What is your set up move?
What other move leads to a pinfall?
What move would you do coming off the ropes after being thrown into them?
What are yor three most favorite reversals (Ex: powerbomb into frankensteiner; piledriver into back body drop; The "Owen Hart Kick"; etc..)?

Does your guy dive out of the ring?
What BEST describes your wrestler?
Does Manager/Wrestler Cheat?
With What?

What's His Attitude Like?

Tag Team Partner: (send an application for partner also)
Tag Team Name:
Tag Team Finisher and Description:

Sample Roleplay A MUST HAVE, or else you don't get accepted {not needed if you have a guy in here already}):

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