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Vento and Beauty have been bred!
6/10/2008 Happy Birthday!

Why Beauty and Vento?

CH Summerwinds Kurly Kreek Vento, CR-CA204/16M/C-PI CR-833 CR-785G24M-PI CHIC#33070 and CH SoftMaple Gunflint's Beauty CGC CR-715G28F-NOPI, CR-EL131F28-NOPI, CR-CA157/28F/P-NOPI, CR-CA157/39F/C-PI, CR-835, GSDIIIa clear by parents, CHIC #26258

10:30 am, first pup is born, liver boy.
Second is black female
Black Boy

11:45 am

Well, the storms hit NY right after pup #3! and what a storm it was! Our power went out, and we had puppies by candlelight!
Final count is 2 black girls, 2 black boys, 3 liver girls, 1 liver boy. Mom and pups are doing well. As soon as I get my electric and home computer back, I will post pictures!

6/12/08 power is back on!

here are some pictures from the last few days

Puppies by candelight.

Happy family, and one tired Beauty!

Some of today's pictures

My phone is still out, so if anyone is trying to call, we hope to get the phone back sometime tomorrow!


The pups got collars last night. The boys have green, the girls have yellow and pink. The smallest little liver girl doesn't have a collar on.

Everyone is around a pound in weight, except for this one tiny liver girl, who is aprox 1/2 pound. The little girl is spunky, so she may make it.

There are several reasons a puppy may be born smaller than the rest of the litter. Some are puppies with health problems. These puppies usually act sickly. Other times it is because the puppy had a bad position in the uterus. There may have been scarring at the placenta attachment site from a previous litter. The puppy may be several days younger than the rest of the litter. Beauty was bred on a couple of different days. Some of the eggs may have been fertilized earlier than this one. Resulting in this pup being in effect, younger than her siblings. Some people donít believe in this theory, but with multiple sired litters, the same think happens. You breed the female to two different males, (intentionally) and do DNA testing to determine which pup belongs to which father.
So this girl may just be the litterís younger sister. We will keep an eye on her, and make sure she isnítí getting bullied off the milk bar.


Early morning breakfast picture

6/15/2008 Happy Fathers Day!

A tired Beauty and her family this morning

Since it is Fathers day, we should thank some of the dads behind this litter.

First there is the father of the puppies, Vento.

CH Summerwinds Kurly Kreek Vento was Best in Sweeps at the 2005 CCRCA National Specialty, where he also went Winners Dog for a 5 point major. At the 2007 CCRCA National Vento was awarded a Judges Award of Merit.

Vento's father is Oscar

NORDV-02 SV-05 SUCH NUCH FINUCH INTUCH Caballus Oscar FIN 34593/00 A, d.o.b.:18-7-2000 4.8.2007 Oscar made Caballus history by winning first price in Winner Class cold game working test! 2005 Oscar won the group in Hamina int show. 2006 Finnish Retriever Club Champ Show in October, Caballus Oscar winning BIS. Helsinki, "Nordic Winner 05" 18.12.2005 BOB, CACIB. Helsinki, "Finnish Winner 05" 17.12.2005 BOB CACIB. Stockholm, Swedish Winner 05 10.12.2005 BOB CACIB. Hamina int 22.5.2005 BIG-1, BOB, CACIB Caballus Oscar.

Beauty's father is Jet

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty JH,SH,MH WCQ CD CGC TT HOF, ROM, is only the third Master Hunter in the breed. He is the first Master Hunter with an AKC Championship. Proving that beauty and brains go hand in hand. Jet earned his CD with class placements. Jet is co-winner of the CCRCA annual Field Trophy for 2002. Jet is winner of the 2003 CCRCA annual Field Trophy (The Sarona Jacob of Marvadel & Sarona Sam of Marvadel Memorial Field Trophy) Jet qualified for the Hall of Fame in 2004. Jet was 2007 CCRCA National Specialty Best in Veteran Sweepstakes

Rosie's father is Baron

Ch. Mayhem Gentleman's Agreement, BIS Baron was awarded his first All-Breed Best In Show by Forrest McCoy when less than three years old. His second All-Breed Best In Show occurred in 1996 and was awarded by Dr. Richard Spritzer. Baron defeated 1,259 dogs that day. Baron is the only Curly in the U.S. to achieve multiple All-Breed Best In Show status. He was awarded an Award of Merit at the 2000 National Specialty under breeder/judge Mrs. Audrey Nicholls.

Seger's father is Sam

Int, D, NL, VDH, Lux, DK Ch, JWW-98, W'98, BDSg'99, EUSg'99 Caballus Inferno. At the Danish Curly Club show he was Best Dog and BOS. At the Curly world seminar show 10.6. '98 he was Best of Breed Junior.

Oscar's father is Simmpa

GB Ch, Int Ch, Fin & Swe Ch, NordW-00,01 Caballus Grand Slam b. 24.2. 1996 hips A/A (BVA 3:4), eyes OK TOP Stud Dog CURLY (Dog World & BCCRC) 2000 & 2001 in England

There are other great fathers out there, and we thank you!


Morning pictures. (And we may get our phone back today)

Everyone's weight has just about doubled.

Dreaming of his next meal

Beauty's half-sister Moxie comes to visit

The pups sacked out in the evening

Proud momma Beauty takes a little breather in the garden. She doesn't like to be away too long, but will venture out a bit more each time


We are a week old! How time flies!

Some more pictures of the rest of the girls relaxing at the lake

Week One
(Days 1-7)

+ 90% of time spent sleeping
+ 10% eating
+ Susceptible to heat/cold
+ Instinctive reflexes: crawl, seek warmth, nurse
+ They can right themselves if placed upside down
+ Needs stimulation for urination/defecation
+ Rapid development of central nervous system
+ Need constant care from bitch
+ Rectal temperatures 94-97 degrees Farenheit
+ Pups may lose 10% of weight after birth, but should start gaining again
+ Weight should double by end of week


  • Look and feel vibrant, vigorous and strong
  • Twitch while sleeping (activated sleep)
  • Nurse with great energy
  • Have tongues that are pink and warm
  • Have skin that returns quickly to normal when it is pinched
  • Have tummies that feel full, but not bloated

Puppies are born with eyes and ears closed. Eyes and ears open around day 10. The reason a healthy puppy twitches is to strengthen its muscles.


  • Look and feel unthrifty, limp and flaccid
  • Stop twitching in their sleep
  • Rattle when breathing
  • Cease nursing, show weak attempts at nursing or cry while nursing
  • Have a tongue that is not pink colored and is cool to the touch (sometimes looks ruffled)
  • Cry most of the time
  • Double up in cramps
  • Have skin that stays creased when pinched
  • Have diarrhea and/or vomiting


well, it's really day 9, so I'll start a new week page a bit late!

SoftMaple Curly Coated Retrievers
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SoftMaple Puppy Application

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About the Book

Follow a litter of puppies from birthday until they go to their new homes. The diary contains lots of pictures, tips on puppy rearing, some breed specific information, and lots of information on the care of any breed of dog.

I started doing an on-line puppy diary since many of the people that would be getting one of my pups would not be able to travel here to see the pups. I did not want to put a bunch of cute puppy pictures online, and encourage anyone to have a litter just because they wanted to see cute puppies! Breeding dogs, if done the right way, is a lot of work. Lost sleep and sometimes heartache. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to raise a litter of puppies. Once I started doing The Puppy Diary, I realized I had a captive audience. These people logged on every day to see the pictures, and read what was happening. I used this opportunity to cram as much education into each day as I could. Health, Coat issues, grooming, feeding, socializing, vet care, puppy evaluations, shipping puppies.... you name it! I tried to put it in The Diary. It was suggested that I make it into a book. Well here it is! There are 560 pictures and over 300 pages of living with and watching one litter grow up.

I am sure may conscientious, caring breeders raise litters similar to the way I do. Its is a good look into the time, money, commitment it takes to bring up a litter of pups. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes, that the eventual puppies owners (family), never realize go into the litter. Enjoy my litter as I see them. Day to day


Chapter One (Week One) ... Page 1

Seger comes into season
Happy Birthday!
Removing the Dewclaws
Start of the Bio Sensor program

Chapter Two (Week Two) ... Page 48
Coat issues.
Tail Gland Hyperplasia
Do Curlies Shed?

Chapter Three (Week Three) ... Page 94
End of Bio Sensor Exercises
Worming The puppies
Eyes are open
First pup escapes from the box

Chapter Four (Week Four) ... Page 130
Weaning. The great food fight!
Introduction to the puppy play room
Shark Cage

Chapter Five (Week Five) ... Page 156
Field dog? Show Dog? CPE?
Happy Mothers Day!
First Stacked pictures

Chapter Six (Week Six) ... Page 195
Toys! Toys! Toys!
Whatís In A Name?
Kids and Dogs
Introduction to Wings

Chapter Seven (Week Seven) ... Page 236
About Puppies and Retrieving
Socialize your puppy
First Shots & Vet Visit
Splish Splash, first bath!

Chapter Eight (Week Eight) ... Page 286
Shape up or ship out!
Requirements to ship puppies
See all the pups!

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