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JACOBUS WINTERSTEEN born 15 April 1708, probably in Germany; died 23 June 1780; married abt 1729 ANNA ENGEL born 1 Feb 1711 Niederbieber Germany; daughter of Johan Wilhelm Engel and Juditha Wienen. No record has been found of their immigration from Europe but descendants claim they came from Holland via Scotland. It seems clear that the Wintersteen and Engel families were German Palatines because of their close assocation with German families even though they lived in an area of New Jersey dominated by Dutch families. Jacob Janeway , the storekeeper at the crossroads in Bridgewater Twp. NJ, kept accounts which are valuable for researchers. These accounts show that Jacobus Winterstine traded at the store between June 1735 and March 1743/4. Jacobus is buried in the Knowlton Presbyterian Churchyard, Warren Co. NJ.



1. Willem bp 12 Aug 1730 Harlingen Dutch Church, Montgomery Twp, Somerset Co. NJ; married Sarah (unknown).

2. Elizabeth born about 1734 Somerset Co. NJ; died after 1810 Charlston NY; married about 1756 Edward Montanye who died 11 Apr 1800 Bridgewater NJ; son of Ide Montanye and Elizabeth (unknown).

3. Judick bp 8 Aug 1736 North Branch Dutch Church Reformed Church; died young.

4. Judick bp 9 Apr 1738 North Branch Dutch Church Reformed Church.

5. Jacobus bp 13 May 1739 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; died young.

+6. JACOBUS/JAMES bp 22 Feb 1740 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; died 28 Feb 1810 Bridgewater Twp. Somerset Co. NJ; married 24 Oct 1769 ARIANTJE VAN DERBEEK born 10 Oct 1752; died 3 July 1840; daughter of Jacques Van Derbeek and Marytje Ten Eyck. According to application for widow's pension W656A filed in the National Archives, James was a private in Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck's Co., 1st Battalion, Somerset Militia during the Revolution. James left will dated 14 Oct 1808; probated 17 Apr 1810.

+7. Philip bp 3 Apr 1743 at Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; died 4 Oct 1829 Brookfield Trumbell Co. OH; married Rachel Campbell.

+8. Jacob bp 17 Feb 1745 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; married about 1767 Maria (unknown). Jacob farmed next to his father at Knowlton Twp NJ; he fought with the Sussex militia in the Revolutionary War. They moved to PA after 1790 and were living at in Greenwood Twp. when he died. His will, stating that he was a schoolmaster, was filed 9 Aug 1827 in Columbia Co. PA. His will names his wife Hannah--possibly second wife? Named as Hannah Kester on the renunciation and wording in will indicates that she may have had children by a prior marriage.

+9. Nicholas bp 5 May 1747 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; married Elizabetha Rachel Fairchild.

+10. Hendrick bp 28 Sep 1748 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; died 1823 Greenwood Twp. Columbia Co. PA; married about 1780 Experience (unknown).

11. Anate bp 5 Aug 1750 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; married Lucas Bross/Brass/Brost.

12. Jannetje bp 25 Mar 1753 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; married Martin Fries Jr.

13. Margaretha bp 22 Aug 1756 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; married Johann Peter Zimmerman.


All named in will of James dated 14 Oct 1808;

1. Ann born 21 July 1770; died 9 Apr 1823; married 21 Apr 1788 George Vosseller born 21 Oct 1763 Pluckemin NJ; died 10 Feb 1848 Bound Brook NJ; son of Jacob Vosseller. Ann is buried in Potts family cemetery north of Somerville NJ. George left will dated 3 Feb 1848; proved 4 Aug 1849 NJ.

2. MARY born 21 Nov 1772; died 14 Sep 1837; married 24 Sep 1790 JOHN I. SEBRING born 28 Nov 1771 Somerset Co. NJ; died 15 Sep 1867 Ovid NY; son of Johannes Sebring and Nellie Van Voorhees. Both are buried in Gospel Lot Cemetery, Ovid Seneca Co. NY.

+3. James born 20 Oct 1784; died 26 Sep 1873; married 8 Nov 1802 Mary Castner born 27 July 1786 NJ; died 26 July 1877. Both are buried Lakeview Cemetery Interlaken Seneca Co. NY.

4. Elizabeth born 2 Mar 1791; died 27 June 1872; married 14 June 1809 John Wortman Powelson born 11 Dec 1785 Bedminster Twp NJ; died 7 May 1840; son of Hendrick Powelson and Mary Wortman.

Children of Philip Wintersteen and Rachel Campbell:

1. Katrina born 1777; married (1) 22 Feb 1797 William Fries at Stillwater Reformed Church Sussex Co. NJ; married (2) before Oct 1817 Abraham Adams of Sussex Co. NJ.

Children of Jacob Wintersteen and Maria (unknown):

+1. James/Jacobus bp 29 Apr 1770 Raritan Dutch Church Somerville NJ; died 12 Feb 1857 Montville Geauga Co. OH; married about 1793 at Columbia Co. PA Prudence Davis born 26 Apr 1769 NJ; died 7 May 1853 Montville OH; daughter of Joshua Davis and Elizabeth (unknown). Went to Columbia Co. PA five years before rest of family; moved to Geauga Co. OH Mar 1819. Both buried at Montville Cemetery, Geauga Co. OH.

2. Peter born 28 Dec 1771 Knowlton NJ; bp 8 Apr 1772 Knowlton German Church; died before 1850.

3. William born 23 July 1774 Knowlton NJ; bp 12 Aug 1774 Knowlton German Church; died 20 Aug 1857; married about 1815 (2) Elizabeth Ogden, widow of John Read; born 7 May 1775 NJ; died 22 Feb 1852 Warren Co. NJ; daughter of Gabriel Ogden and Mary Shotwell.

4. Anna born 2 Aug 1776 Knowlton NJ; bp 25 Aug 1776 Knowlton German Church; not listed in father's will; possibly died before 1827; married 10 Jan 1799 John Kykendall.

5. Philip born 26 Oct 1778 Knowlton NJ; bp 22 Nov 1778 Knowlton German Church; died 1839 Sereno PA; married Hannah Stiles who died 1869; daughter of Benjamin Stiles. They settled in Columbia Co. PA.

+6. Jacob born 24 Oct 1781 Knowlton NJ; bp 14 Apr 1782 Knowlton German Church; died 22 Jan 1828 Whitchurch York Ontario Canada; married about 1805 Columbia Co. OH Mary Davis born 29 May 1786 Hunterdon NJ; died 6 Sep 1847 Whitchurch Canada; daughter of Joshua Davis and Elizabeth (unknown). They went to Canada about 1810.

7. Maria born 24 Oct 1781 Knowlton NJ; bp 14 Apr 1782 Knowlton German Church.

8. Henry born 7 June 1786 Knowlton NJ; bp 27 July 1786 Knowlton German Church.

Children of Nicholas Wintersteen and Elisabetha Rachel Fairchild:

1. Elizabeth married 19 Aug 1810 Fairfield Co. OH David Wright.

Children of Hendrick Wintersteen and Experience (unknown):

1. Henry married (1) Mary Gingles; married (2) Lydia Ebner.

2. Harriet married Alexander Carr.

3. Mary J. married John Campbell born 22 Dec 1793.

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