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It is not certain who the father of Catalyntje Trico who married Joris Rapalie is but the evidence seems to favor Jeronymus. In The American Genealogist; Vol 35; Mr. George McCracken writes: "A sufficient number of instances appear in the Dutch manuscript records in which Catalyntje is recorded as Catalyntje Jeronymus to make it certain that her father was named Jeronymus in Dutch or Jerome in French."

In NEW NETHERLAND CONNECTIONS; Vol 2; No. 4; 1996; an article is written which discloses the identity of the mother of Catalyntje Trico. The sister of Catalyntje, Margriet, is named by Catalyntje in a Notarial Document in 1677 giving authorization to claim monies from the executors "of the will of Margrite Triko, her sister,". Records also show that Catalyntje had an older half-sister, Maria Flamen, who married Philippe de Fontayne. The mother of these 3 women is named in the will of Maria as MICHELE SAUVAGIE who was still living in 1624.



1. CATALYNTJE born about 1605. Her birth date is calculated from a deposition given by Catalyntje in 1688 in which she states she is 83 years old. She was born in the Village of Pri in the Belgian Province of Namur. The marriage intention of JORIS JANSZEN RAPALJE was recorded in Amsterdam on 13 Jan 1624 and they were married in the Walloon Church in Amsterdam on 21 Jan 1624. The couple departed for America shortly after on the EENDRACHT. She died in 1689.

2. Margrite born about 1606; married about 1632 Jan de la Fontayne.