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Gwenn F. Epperson, in an article written in 1992, writes that JOHN SEALES was from Little Waldingfield Suffolk England. His marriage is recorded there in the parish register; on 11 Aug 1625 he married PHILLIPA (unknown). He appears in the records of Charlestown MA in 1630. In 1632 he was punished for stealing corn from his neighbors during a time of "great want". In 1633 he was convicted for stealing corn, fish and clapboards; and was whipped and bound as a servant for 3 years. His daughter, Phoebe, was bound for 14 years until she was 21 years of age. In 1637, Mr. Cogshall freed Phoebe because "said girle hath proved over burthensome to him." She was then bound to John Levins of Roxbury MA. After this date, John and his daughter no longer appear in the records of Massachusetts.

By 1638, John appears in the records of New Netherlands. He married as his second wife Mary Roberts. He left a will dated 17 Apr 1645.


Children of JOHN SEALES and PHILLIPA (unknown):
Children bp at Little Waldingfield Suffolk England;

1. PHOEBE/FEMMETJE bp 11 Aug 1626; died about 13 Dec 1666 Flatbush NY; married (1) 11 Feb 1640 TEUNIS DENYS born about 1615 Binnick Utrecht Holland; died before 24 Aug 1663; married (2) 24 Aug 1663 Jan Cornelisen Buys alias Jan Damen.

2. Sarah bp 27 July 1628.